Human nature

I have begun with the series of blogs on ‘Whole Life Science.’ This is my fourth blog in series. What are the essential qualities/nature when cultivated and applied, one can resolve anything with. This is mainly related with Mental and Emotional issues and grudges that hold us back.

Someone does something, somethings not going as per our willingness, blur up negative emotions in us. That matter situation event gets over there but leaves deep impact on us. Leaves lots of grudges in us. Leaves us in sea of deep negative emotions. The strong imprint remains on subconscious even when we feel we have passed through.

They create blocks and hinders our energy flow. Deviate us and restricts our growth. These blockages have multi fold destructive effects on us. If we observe our history, long since the childhood they have been accumulated and have taken a concrete form, which either we know or we do not know, plays faults for us.

How to eliminate them? There are 7 essential qualities or human nature when cultivated and applied effectively eliminates all these blockages. Whether you have known them or not, whether you acknowledge them or not, recognise them or not. Nor just they lifts us up from past they help us build renewed authentic Human in us. They are

Forgiveness, Compassion, Admiration, Friendliness, Peace, Acceptance, Trust.

Check out anything that bothers you in life and know the one essential that deals with it, meditate upon it, cultivate it, grow it as deeply as possible, and you will see not just your botheration will be relieved, even your issue will be resolved. Your blockages will be cleared and free flow of energy will begin.

All that happens in life is due to either free flow of energy or block of energy for some reason.

No issues or problems or limits can be resolved wholly until you deal with it from very root. We have roots for everything and then the connecting links or alignment. Together they create symphony which is then reflected on our living.

We Humans have limited perception and ego and negative qualities. We also see them in others and we have to deal with it because we all co-exist. We face troubles and struggles on situational fronts and also on personal front. These issues are the most complicated ones and most difficult for us to handle. As we have hardly learned to sort them out or handle it or overcome it.

The root approach to deal with it or overcome it or eliminate it is to work on our Nature. The 7 essential Human Nature which can resolve it all.

I am not mentioning in specific what issues we are talking about. I feel everyone can relate with it and need to be discussed as of now. Just focus on what is needed and work upon them.

Once again, My wish is that together, we can built up the Whole. Do share your views freely. We can readdress Whole living for us, which the true art of living and which unfortunately, we have lost in our illusion and ego and selfishness.

Together We Can.

In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal