material abundance

To make life Whole ‘Material Abundance’ is as well a very important and necessary factor. My this blog in series of ‘Whole life Science’ intends to focus on material abundance. The whole efforts to make it viable and why it needs to be attained.

One of the sign that we are growing whole and that whatever we have learned and understood and applied to in life is reaping and showering returns on us. Why material abundance is needed, unless and until we satisfy our desires and duties in life, we can make any further growth on spiritual realm. We do but then it doesn’t become whole and fully productive for us. It is not about being greedy in acquiring material abundance, as how we make use of material abundance decides whether was it selfish/greedy acquisition or purposeful and serving acquisition. It is about to enhance and grow, somewhere or the other material abundance is must, you may earn it or use someone else’s. But it’s must. So one must never ever neglect the need for material abundance, one should only focus on how to make best use of it, for one’s own betterment and that of as many others as possible.

‘Material abundance is an equation of persistent and whole efforts’. The equation is a combination of

Desire, Attitude, Passion, Focus, Vision, Planning and Goal.

The stronger you are willing, the dedicated you put your whole efforts and rules you abide for receiving and giving, nothing can stop you from material abundance. And despite of honest efforts if you haven’t yet, your subconscious is still blocking it somewhere or you need to check your energy is going in direction where it should have been going.

Spiritual growth and material growth are two sides of one coin. They co-exist. Equal growth on both the sides is indication that you are on the track. You become enhanced. More and more people are benefited with your services. More and more people believe in you and eager to follow your words and ways. After all, our growth needs some face and our work/service/productivity/creation is that face. The challenges you have to pass through or

Then it is ‘wholesome living’. The wholesome growth. This is our highest purpose and this is what our life is meant for.

I have been receiving very positive response from my fellow friend bloggers. And I am glad that one part of my work is giving me satisfying returns. I wish to built upon this. And come up with whole concept on ‘Whole Life Science’. Do continue to shower your comments, suggestions, experience or rectification, you may feel so. Together we can Reestablish Whole Living, which is true essence of living.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal