We live to fulfill. There are certain prime needs. At the root of all that we do in life is to fulfill those needs. Our whole growth depends upon how well at each level do we perform. How freely are we flowing at each level. Our Existence is sum total of our living at all these 7 levels.

What are those levels? What do they fulfill in us? What is the outcome and how to know how well are we fulfilling each?

Those basic 7 needs are. Survival, Relationship, Self-satisfaction, Transformation, Expression, Impact and Service. They fulfill Trust, Honor, Self-esteem, Love, Truth, Wisdom and Enlightenment in correspondence to the specified need.

How do we know that we are living healthy at each of the level. There is an outcome gauge to all of them. At healthy survival level we feel secured, fearless, we believe in life and are not stuck with our tribal needs such as food or shelter etc. AT healthy Relationship level we feel Creative. We create beautiful alignment. We co-create. At healthy Self level we feel profound personality or strong existence. At healthy transformation level we feel humanity and empathy. At Healthy Expression level we do and feel Inspired. At healthy impact level we feel intuitive. And healthy Service level we feel cosmically conscious or blessed.

It is on us to check for our own self. As in lack or absence the energy block is created and our growth is obstructed. Not just that the outcome of these blockages are reflected on our body, mind, emotions and spirt is observed as ill health, liming mind or stale emotions. The Spirit is also badly affected. The enthusiasm in life goes missing. We are stuck.

The last two levels denotes life lived at higher level. But many a people drag into the illusion by only focusing and attracting energy for those two levels leaving first 5 levels unresolved. This is a mistake. Life is only fulfilled as Whole when all the levels are fulfilled in sync with each other. And energy effortlessly flows through all of them. We can then explore our highest potentiality.

This is the 6th Dimension is the series of ‘Whole Life Science’. I once again invite you all to share your views, suggestions, addition or contradiction. Together we can help each other in knowing and living life utmost.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal