Your healing is only and only in your own hand. All of healing systems can only support you if you help yourself.

Healing is mind, body, emotions and spirit combine effort. Disturbed rhythm between them and non capability of combating life conditions and situations ultimately converts into a diseased condition and is reflected in body system or organs in some form of a disease.

We are bound to a Healthy Humans, disease in itself is an indication that one or more facets of ourselves is disturbed. This is applicable to any and every form of diseases conditions.

Healing is not only disease treatment, healing is treating whole of self along with our relationship disturbances, conditional or situational disturbances. May it be economical, social, geographical, environmental, astrological or any related facets. They all cause hurt to self and disturbs the rhythms at mental, emotional, spiritual or and as a end product on our physical level. These are all disease conditions and since day one we accumulate them within us.

Whatever we cannot combat or release in appropriate manner, we accumulate as stale condition within our subconscious and on weak moments they all spur up cumulatively as ill health. The chronic or critical the condition, the deeper and harder is the impact on our subconscious.

How can we help ourselves in healing? We are not qualified to know and cure. And yet we are the best healers for our self. All medical assistance only and only work if we support our healing. Wholly. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually all at once.

All the disease conditions have their roots within us. We need to know and work from there itself. No doubt we also have to take care of the condition that has occurred but at the same time we must reach to the root of it and all as one we must heal from there itself.

How long can this take depends on how eager and prepared and receptive we are to eliminate it but it is worth. As not just that it heals you, it frees you from toxins at many levels. Also it can lead you towards divinity as you really need to be in close connection with your within. With your whole self.

How? What we can do? There are 7 openings to self help while getting healed. They are

Openness, Participation, Trust, Willingness, Acceptance, Undertaking and Patience.

Openness is for knowing what modality is and which practitioner is most suitable for this condition. Participation is the most important factor, We are the only ones who can heal ourselves. Be participatory with how your healing is taking shape at each stage and what All is needed by you to accelerate the healing, how deep to get healed. Once you have taken decision on how to get healed, have full trust on your practitioner. Your trust work within him as well for treating you. Your trust works within you as well for better and faster and deeper results. Without your willingness, no modality or medicines can ever cure you. Love life, love yourself, have some goal in front of you as motivation to get cured wholly. Acceptance is at the base, you must first accept that you are sick you need healing assistance and you also need to accept that you are out of rhythm somewhere that’s why the condition has occurred. The root can be anywhere in your past life as well. Undertaking is owning responsibility that some where you have fallen weak or wrong to deal with the matter. It is for you to know and bring change within you. This undertaking you must own. And last but most important one is that you will need patience. You are not just healing your diseased condition, you are healing all facets of your self. You are healing your entire life. You are not just healing you are preparing yourself for higher level of life.

Take diseases condition as opportunity with right approach and what you will gain is limitless and valueless.

Last caution, Recurrence of disease again is a sign of weak and partial healing taking place and needs deep resolution for permanent cure and whole healing.

I have almost reached to the end of series ‘Whole Life Science’ and now intend to look for resolves which are simple, gentle, creative and natural. As Life in itself is Simple, Gentle, Creative, Natural and Effortlessly flowing. Awaiting your feedback, suggestions, rectifications and expressions in whole of these series.

Together We Can lead to resolve it all and lead towards potential and whole living. Once Again.


In love with Life.

Your CO-Creator

Minal Dalal