I am at the conclusion of my expression on ‘Whole Life Science’ series here at WordPress bloggers community. The whole life living is impossible until and unless you abide

The root principles that guides it all.

Most of these we all know. But needs mentioning to make it WHOLE. Before proceeding to mention it, let me just in brief introduce to you the dimensions I expressed which can lead to the Whole or Potential Living. They are

1st Dimension: Pure energy form of Human Being
Love, Awfulness, Intuition, Integrity, Presence, Creativity and Faith

2nd Dimension: The manifestation formula
Co-creation Serenity Strength Synergy Spirit Focused efforts and Goal

3rd Dimension: Facets of self in today’s context
Self – Body Mind Emotions Spirit
Co-Existence – Relationships Conditions Situations

4th Dimension: 7 Human Nature that can resolve                                                           Forgiveness, Compassion, Admiration, Friendliness, Peace, Acceptance and Trust

5th Dimension: Equation for material abundance                                                                      Desire, Attitude, Passion, Focus, Vision, Planning and Goal

6th Dimension: Life fulfilment at 7 levels

Survival – Fulfilment trust – outcome security – Purpose strengthening Roots  Relationship – Fulfilment Honour – outcome creativity  – Purpose Learning Co-Existence  Self-satisfaction – Fulfilment self-esteem – outcome personality and self-control – Purpose Establishing Identity                                                                                          Transformation – Fulfilment Love – outcome Humanity and Empathy – Purpose Self-renewal                                                                                                                                             Expression  – Fulfilment Truth – outcome  Inspiration – Purpose Self-actualization           Impact –  Fulfilment Wisdom – outcome  Intuition – Purpose Integration of all          Service – Fulfillment Enlightenment – outcome  cosmic consciousness- Purpose Selfless service

7th Dimension: Self-help essentials for healing                                                                     Openness, Participation, Trust, Willingness, Acceptance, Undertaking and Patience

Now we come to the root principles that guides all of this.

  1. We are meant for growth. There are n number of roads that drive us to growth. No road is prime most certain or the only road. Few are shortcuts and few of them are long cuts but eventually we are driven towards growth, potentiality and our Essential Being.
  2. All the people, conditions, situations and experiences given to us are necessities and opportunities for growth. When we consciously align with it and flow according, we accelerate our growth. We live effortless. When we do not recognise or deny we end up in struggle or stress.
  3. We receive back what we give. What we give around comes back to us around. What we sow we shall reap.
  4. We are co-creators in universe’s prime motive of construction and destruction. The more responsibility we are prepared to own and participate, the more potential is exfoliated, we live more. We receive more we give more.
  5. We Human beings are highest Living forms. We are given all the tools for highest possible growth for ourselves and all other Humans and other Living Forms. It is at our discrete whether to trust it and live accordingly or to fall into the traps of negligible issues arouse out of our own ego, insecurities, distrust, small and limiting living. At any point of time we have the choice of living Infinite life and which is our highest potential living.
  6. We are pure soul with impurities and obstructions. Our desires are our soul’s cry or language to express what its needs to Regain its pure form. Only we Humans are have the capacities to fulfill anything and everything that we crave for or we can even think of.
  7. Our thoughts and our choices create our realities. Our now is what reality we had created for ourselves and our life ahead will again be the reality we will be creating for ourselves.

We are whole in terms of all our facets of self and co-existence and we are also Whole is term of Soul that in itself is Whole. What we need is to search for the ways that can lead us towards the same.

I intend to declare that my mission here is to discover and establish the processes/tools/measures/rituals that are simple, gentle, creative and natural yet immensely powerful that can lead us all towards potential or whole living.

We have forgotten what our ancestors knew the Art and Science of Whole living. I intend to know them and streamline as rituals for present lifestyle and era and forthcoming life style and era.

I am venturing into wholeness. And invite you all to be my fellow ventures. Together we can.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal