By God’s grace my love fascination and quest for Life has started shape. I have always believed that all that you have known for us must be reflected in our existence, our life. My passion, quest and knowing for life has started evolving and taking shape of a concept.

My First Ebook ‘Life. Reformer’ is my step forward. It all begun with my expressions on my Facebook page ย and took a step further here on WordPress page. All of yours immense Love, Support, Blessings and Belief in me constantly fueled me constantly and here am I today.

Life. Reformer is compilation of my post sharing on Facebook and my blogs.

Why did I go for book when all of these already shared on these domains? I was being asked. My answer is ย (I have dedicatedly and disciplinarily posted one post daily both on Facebook and WordPress) ย On any given day one has read a post or two may be few more at a time. In a book form one can read my whole journey of knowing so far at a sit. And when this is done one truly gets the hold of entire subject or philosophical part of it as a whole, which is my venture and this is what I wish for all of you as well.

My dear fellow blogger friends, you have given me so much of inspiration and encouragement through your comments and the vibrations you send towards me and my work. It’s 60 days and 60 posts here on WordPress and already, coincidentally, people from 60 countries have visited my blogs. Most of them have revisited. And on top of that view and like ratio is almost 80%. I feel which in itself speaks all about it.

Lately I have shared my evolution in the series of ‘Whole Life Science’ which has received overwhelming response from all of you. It’s again my turn to take this further. As shared discover and re-establish processes and tools to invoke it all. I seek all of yours Blessings in the same.

As I have always mentioned,

Together We Can.


In Love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal