In our ‘WHole Life Science’ series I discussed about the dimensions or the essential of our Being. We all have it within us, the purity the infinity the potentiality but how much of them is illuminated? What percent of it reflects in our Existence. Our Existence is our presence that the world can see, feel and experience through our work, our impact, our presence. How much of our pure essence take the form of our worldly reality? Our worldly Existence?

Very little, or some may be, we agree with this? Yes. Why? Why although we own our highest and purest form, although we are the supreme form, we can not live it? The reason is we have created the clouds, that has hidden our SUN, our supreme form, Our pure self.

Which is Light, which is Truth, which is our highest living form.

The clouds which we have created are…

Ego, Fear, Greed, Distrust, Illusion, Cohesion and Selfishness

We just have to know them, acknowledge them, and be prepared to reform it if we are the seekers of Light, Truth, Supremacy, and extracting the most out of the life that has been given to us. All.

All rest of chaos, struggles, blockages are born out of any one or combined form of above mentioned 7 clouds. Sun is just a resemblance here. We are ourselves much above thousand such Suns. This is only for us to relate with. We ourselves are entire Universe within us. We ourselves are all of Universe’s power, all of the knowledge and serenity. We are as authentic as Universe itself. What a Universe can do to create is all that even we can do.

It’s a choice. It’s journey. If we seek, we must take.

And cleansing, shattering, dissolving and clearing all of these clouds is doable. It’s simple, gentle, creative and natural. As effortless as a Life itself. It’s a flow, we should seek to go with it. The more we are willing, the more we are dedicated, the more we are seeking, the smoother is the process.

You ask and it will be given to you. Just learn the ART of asking. Just learn what you should be asking for. And it will all be given to you. This is possible. I have known and I have believed in it. And that is the reason I can so authoritatively express and share it with you.

The Sun within you wants to illuminate with his brightest of Light. The Sun within you wants to enlighten it all with his whole Truth.  The Sun within you wants to manifest it all for you. Give it a way, Shatter and break all the clouds you have created that is hiding your Sun behind. Let it Shine. Let it shine brightest. Let the world know and get illuminated through you as well.

Amen. Astu..


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal