Once the Hindrances from within starts dissolving, the pure essential Being starts emerging. The sign is that your life changes. Things start happening for you, meaning of words, deeds even your presence make sense to people. You are being more respected and believed than ever before. You get things done with lot more less efforts and energy. Your Existence reflects your inner being. In simple words your existence is how people know you. The kind if impact you have on other people’s lives. The idea of you on other people is what your existence means.

You now impact on other lives. The more your inner pure self reflects, the more you spread and more lives you impact on. Below mentioned are characteristics of Impactful Existence.

Virtuous, Ethical, Inspiring, Expressive, Trustworthy, Uplifting and Authentic.

You are being guided by purity hence what is reflected out of you to outer world is your virtue. All your spoken words, all your deeds even your aura reflects virtue which other people have to accept and acknowledge. They find you ethical, so much so that you are being taken as an example. Your leadership is now more valuable. It gives better and long lasting results. Your living inspires people. They start following you. They take lessons out of your life. You now freely express. Your expressions now has more power, serenity and henceforth authority which people find it difficult to challenge. People start trusting you more than themselves or may be you can say blindly. All you do uplifts life of others. And finally it’s all very authentic.

The purer your being is the more impactful your life becomes. The more of essential being is reflecting, the Enhanced your life becomes. In true sense. All the remarkable people who have left impact on decades and eras or even thousands of years are the people, who have lead and are being guided by the purity of their selves. Their essential Being. Then whatever you do becomes legendary.

At this point of time, you need to be very careful. Your empowered self can sleep, the impurity around can again catch you in trap. You might have the chances of loosing your essentiality or purity. And if so happens you not just loose it all again, you can nose dive into deep troubled valley in no matter of time.

One must know at this juncture that those who have impacted for decades or era or even thousands of years, have spent parallel life in refining themselves more and more. They have been more and more humble.

Being humble is a sign that you are on top.

You have two ways from here. Either you take a much higher flight and reach out to more people. Impact on more and more lives. Live enhanced life. Or.. You deep dive and you loose all the benefits of what you could have gained by living authentically so far. You may loose it much beyond.

With this word of caution, I wish to conclude by saying, we can gain it all which we have desired for or craved for, or even much beyond, so much so that you can hear people saying, was this was expected from him, it was not read for him. And you simply smile and enjoy from a far. But you remain dedicated to live your purpose. More and more.

This is how it happens… You take care of emerging with your whole essential being, you dissolve all your impurities and hindrances, your existential life is reflected and guided by your inner essential being and your existence becomes enhanced, your life becomes more and more meaningful and impactful. It can spread to the entire world, it can impact for many more generations to come.

This is how it happens. For any one who chooses to be.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal