We are a self and we also co-exist. In depth we checked for self. The essential being. We also co-exist and thus we face issues related co-existence as well. I my yesterday’s blog I talked about Impactful Existence. How a enhanced or impactful person looks like. Today I want to discuss about what outside facets can harm or block our impactful living. Self sabotaging hindrances or blocks we already talked about. Now we talk for outside facets and factors.

We co-exist so we are affected by other people’s intentions, feelings, thoughts, deeds plus we are also affected by conditions like social, economical, geographical, astrological and so on and also the situations we have to be into. Altogether it can create a smooth atmosphere for us or a clutter for us. The clutter may be in form of…

Scarcity, Severity, Hatred, Complexes, Manipulations and Inabilities.

We face because of anyone or combined effect of these. We all do and so are our reactions and reflections in our living.  Even when we have worked well upon us, we come across these and we are being asked to show more nerves, serenity, power, authenticity to overcome and move forward to be more enhanced.

There are no solutions for outside only solution in our hand is inside. We have prepare ourselves, we have to guard ourselves, we have lift ourselves higher and higher, more authentic to conquer it all. History has ever proved that who has acquired enough serenity, position, power, authenticity, only they have changed the paths and maps of world over and ever again. It is we who has to reach to the position from which we can convert it all, for the betterment of all. No outside source or force c come and help us if we are not enough polished or prepared.

The world is a beautiful place. The life is beautiful in itself. It is our beauty and we must know how to retain it, how to not let others spoil it. How to not let the situations or conditions to ruin it. A beautiful garden is attacked by daily naughty people, scarcity or severity of weather condition, or water and fertilizer inputs, or government laws or manipulations and jealousy of other gardeners. It is the skill, might, serenity, willingness and love of the gardener to safeguard the garden from all of these and use all his skills to keep garden ever blossoming whatever may be the condition. Only Gardener can. By enhancing his self he can do this. He can over power it all. It’s just the same way for us all.

What all matters is how strong our willingness is.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal