Success, Joy, Peace, Fulfilment, Abundance, Impact, Effortlessness

The Essence of Life is Growth and Growth is combined product of a few pure essentials. We have seen prior in series of ‘Whole Life Science’.

What is our highest gain? Living as HUMAN exfoliating highest potentiality is our the highest gain and receiving all the profits while doing so. These profits are in material forms as well as non material forms. All of them are requisites to complete the whole circle.

What happens in our life is we run behind acquiring all or few of above mentioned attributions. This is the reason we fall short. We must target higher accomplishment and all these come to us as by products. We must understand we are not suppose to Strive for them, they are just the by products, a free gifts, blessings, for striving for higher goal or purpose and that is, living for the growth of our own self as much as living for the growth of others. As many as possible. From our own self to our family, friends, acquaintances, neighborhood, society by large, our city, country, continents, world as a whole, and they entire living species existing on the earth. One should as per one’s own capabilities, but the target should only be growth. Ours as well our co-existent’s.

This can happen when we live from our core, our essence, which is purity and love for all.  Then we will be no more required to strive for petty things like success and impact and abundance in life. Joy, Peace and Fulfilment will springing naturally and Effortless will be bestowed to us.

It is for us to decide on to strive for what?

Life knows that we are committed to Growth and it does not look for any certificates, formal education, positions, nothing. It only and only looks for whether you are living for the growth of yourself as well as that of others, may it be just one more life, but you do and you do it delicately, you do it intently, you do it wholeheartedly, then the life becomes your servant. It serves you everything or rather more to enrich the growth. Why more is so that you can enhance. You do not just stuck with what you are living now for. You check the entire human history and those impactful existent or universal beings are examples before you. History is meant for us to know this.

Everything can be combated with, every hurdle can be surpassed, every and any dimension can be achieved when we strive to live for growth with our own purity and essence. We simply have to raise ourselves, wholly. We have raise our mental status, emotionality, physical abilities and above all our spirit in doing so.

From purity and growth when something prospers, it prospers to the fullest. It prospers the whole and this prosperity is then spreaded to others as well.

It is a choice if we seek for.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal