We are here today. In the mists of confusions and cohesion and reckless striving and world full of toxicity. We are those dragons who wants to roar, who wants throw his might and power, who wants to be authentic but who is tightly surrounded by the mist around.

The dragon is taught to live like a mild, limited squirrel, fearful, insecure,  striving only to survive. In reality he is a dragon. And his is the power to burn and transform all around.

Is this our version? Do we relate with this?

Even we are taught to live small, limiting, protected, coward and on top of that we are fueled with ego, greed, illusions, selfishness.

How we live? We live just to survive. Whatever version we could have exfoliated so far is only our reaction to the circumstances and challenges we have been given. How many of us have been able to raise us above this and charter our path on base of our core or essence. Even our survival is not fruitful enough, we yet do not effortlessly achieve this. We still live in emotional confusions, limited mind and perceptions, blind choices, borrowed wisdom, unauthentic power and the outcome is fragmented living, fragmented results which doesn’t give us whole, long lasting results, whichever field we may think of.

This scene can be changed. Our living and whole world around us can change. The way we wish to see it, the way it has to be. Evolved. Growing. Enhanced. Impactful. Pure and Loving. Eventually Liberating.

When? When we learn to lead the life as a whole. When we lean to lead and live from our very core, our essential being.

But how? Our current lifestyle doesn’t permit this? Who has the time to sit at jungle and do sadhana? Even sitting for meditation doesn’t work as such. Either because we do not have quality time or even we do spare, we are so much so engrossed with our living that we can not extract true benefits of it. We have Sciences available with us. We have scriptures and Sages tales available with us and yet we cannot use it, we cannot be benefited with it.

Reason is it doesn’t match with our current lifestyle, which is not easy for us to over nightly change. The need of an hour is to Re-frame, Re-derive, and Re-establish a new form of ‘Whole life science’, which can lead us to connect with our core and help us lead our life from there. It can be a process, tools, rituals or some new form totally. It is coming. The evolution is coming. Science is to meet Spirituality  in true sense. Which will lead us all to our authentic living, our truly potential living.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal