How must be the LIBERATED UNIVERSAL BEING must be looking like? What he would be wearing? The tags of

Co-Creator, Liberated, Friendliness, Inflow, Infinite, Divine and Whole.

Once he would have re-established himself with his Pure essence, he would have shattered all his inner conflicts and hindrances, he would have lead to impactful living, where he would have de-cluttered all the outer chaos of co-existence. In all of these process he would have been on the way to be Whole once again.

The stillness, tranquility and void of Soul, the limitlessness of mind, the love and friendliness in emotions, enthusiasm and authenticity of spirit…merging all of these ingredients, he would have created an ALCHEMY for himself, the Alchemy of Liberating him to a Universal Being version of himself…

The experience of writing this blog in itself is so thrilling and enchanting, how must have been the experience of truly be a Liberated Universal Being. We are. We all are. When we choose to be.

He must be a participatory through his role and purpose of this life, surrendered to Nature/Life in their purpose of Growth for all. He would be a Co-Creator in all that universe/nature/life is being constructing and destructing for all of ours’ growth. The meaning of Life in itself is growth. He must be liberated. Open to all that would come to him, creating his own and others’ reality out of it through his own skills and creativity. Through his enhanced perception he would have known that there are n numbers of ways to get liberated and all these ways lead to one destiny that is potential exfoliation as a path Β for reaching to your wholeness. The SUPREME you. YOU…Niverse.

He must be Friendly to all, seeing what is and what is he leading to in all. Causing harm to none. Be friendly with all. He must be Inflow. No struggle, no cohesion, no chaos, simply in effortless flow. He would be Infinite, as he would have acquired all the power, all serenity, all authenticity to create anything he would have wished for and anything that he would have shouldered on him, anything that has been assigned to him. Surrendering..Fulfilling…Shouldering more…Being more…Infinite possibilities, infinite accomplishments all by himself. He must have been Divine. He would be bestowed and blessed with all Energy, all support system, all alignments and co-operation, all knowledge, skills, power, everything coming at his doorsteps even before needing to use them. And most essentially, he would by now be whole. All his physicality, mentality, emotionality, spirituality, materiality, co-existence, all would have merged into one, whole HE. The Universal Energy, that accomplishes it all for himself and for all other living beings. He must have been HUMAN in true sense.

Have you ever experienced this as a whole.. even momentarily?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal