My language is the language of my soul

It is meant to TOUCH the souls

It knows no barriers it knows no fallacies

What it knows is the creative expression

Of the Essence of the Pure

Of the Love of the Growth.

It knows no knowledge

it knows no rituals

What it knows is the Truth

Of the Eternity Of the Infinity of the Supremacy.

It is vibrations it is Energy

Which finds and touches souls

No matter where no matter what.

You need not know me

I need not know you

Here in present in our existence.

as our souls know each other

Our souls know the need.

The language of my soul

Needs me to surrender and let

To let it get expressed through me

Fluently Fearlessly Creatively.

It knows where to find whom to touch

And will find it’s ways.

It will touch the soul to heal and Β grow.

To inspire and console.

Taking shape and form of

The Trust, The Truth, The Power, The Eternity.

Of the Life. For the Life.

My language is the language of my Soul.

It is expressed to Touch the Souls.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal