In the series ‘Whole Life Science’, we have known a bit about the whole self, the potent self. A journey from the core or essential being to the universal being, the hurdles and cohesion. We have known, and now it’s time to be the one. We are but we have to invoke.

How? What processes or tools can help us do that? This is a science, I call it as Science of Spiritual Living.’ It is an Alchemy, a unison of…

Natural Elements, Sensory Perceptions, Creative Activities and Mental Abilities.

Nature has all resolutions. It reflects and open its secret through it’s elements. The living and non living forms. From tiny seed to gem stones to plants to animals to humans. From flower to farms to river to ocean to sun moon and sky. To winds to rains to clouds to space. To fire to woods to birds to corals to amphibians. To stars to planets to galaxies to the universe. Nature has created it all, for the nurturing, survival and progress of it all.

They show us the way, if we can read and know. They can moderate if we can connect. They can instill their properties in us if we know to seek. When our mind is receptive and open, when our senses are sharp and hungry to grasp, every single natural element is here for us to evolve. We do not even need to know how it does, we must just know and connect deeply and seek to embrace those skills and properties in us. We must be, at all the times, be grasping and embracing. It’s all around us, we need not even go far beyond, nor we need to set apart a time. (When we do nothing like that but even otherwise.) With open heart, mind and senses and deep seeking, we should connect. And they will bestow on us their properties, their energy, their skills, which will enrich us, bring changes within us and fill us with whatever is lacking. It does.

What we need is a space, a whole focus (I call it as meditation), and transcendence. Creative Engagements provides us these all. When we are engaged creatively, say writing or drawing or sculpturing or modelling or dancing or singing, basically while expressing ourselves creatively; we provide us a space, where every growth takes shape. We are fully engrossed, so much so that we forget everything around even our own existence, we are fully in our now, we become our Whole. We nurture our Wholeness. We help ourselves eliminating our toxicity. We embrace and instill the essence. We merge and become one with the Whole.

Together they invoke the qualities within us which evolves us and lead to our wholeness. In my next article I will be writing about those qualities that can lead us to our wholeness.

In nutshell, when we are deep seekers, the entire universe conspires to provide us what we have been needing. The life reveals before us all the opportunities which can lead us to growth.

And our true journey begins. The conscious one. With trust, with affirmation, openness and embracing. Let it happen for all of us.

Astu. Amen.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal