In my yesterday’s post, i discussed about the tools that can invoke our wholeness, our potentiality, our sacredness. These tools invoke few qualities within us, and also when these tools are pursued while with this qualities, the growth becomes smoother and faster, at a lightening speed. It does. I have known.

These qualities create sacred state within us which evolves it all. It is a root space where it all takes shape. They are…

Tranquility, Stillness, Space and Transformation.

We inherit these qualities and they also can be aroused, using tools i discussed yesterday. Or rather when we are fully engrossed using those tools, we silently invoke and instill these qualities within us.

In tranquil and still state, we invoke our knowing, the knowing of supreme. In tranquil and still state, the vibration comes to standstill and take shape. The energies ripple. It’s like, to create a ripple of a choice, the river first needs to be totally still and allowing, tranquil. And then a stone, a tool, is thrown to get those ripple of energy created and spreaded around. The calmer and still the river, the magnitude of a throw, the wider the spreading of energy.

In ‘space’ or ‘void’ or ‘vacuum’, the reactions take place. Space is the root of evolution, root of chemical reactions, root of all that changes shape. The most part of us is formed of the space, the hollowness, when we allow them to work, they absorb, analyze and react back. What we do is we hurry for everything, we do not let this space absorbs, analyzes and reacts. What we miss is what we work hard for. This space is in relaxation. Relaxation of our entire being. Our physical movements, our mental chatter, emotional releases, our spirit, even our breath, more relaxed all of these, the more space will work for us. It opens the fields we have not yet explored. Where our physical presence and realm cannot reach and yet they are present. These beyond realm works more efficiently, more wisely, more authentically works for us. This work is more profound then what we can work for ourselves. It is beyond our knowing or imagination.

We have chemical reactors within us, they reside and work through the transformation quality within us. We hear a story, we relate and we experience change within us, we connect with elements and nature and we find our self changing, we express and we feel being invoked. These are just a few examples. All such reactions take shape with our quality of transformation. When we connect deeply, we embrace, we instill and we evolve. These state is irreversible, Β and it transforms for bring forth purity. It burns out the toxicity and lets out the pure state.

Using the tools like natural elements, sensory perceptions, creative engagements, mental abilities and metaphors, they can be invoked and aroused. Even with our conscious choice we can invoke and arouse them. And to let it work for us. A huge leap or shift in just few moments is also possible, in deep connection and arousal.

Together these tools and qualities lead us to our highest potentiality, our wholeness, our sacredness, where our highest growth is awaiting to embrace us. This is what life is meant to be. This is what life is expecting out of us. This is what our inner most cry or desire is for….

May in unison, we all can attain and reach that highest state we call as fullest living.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal