And what is the final outcome? Invoking essence, clearing hindrances, enhancing existence, de-cluttering co-existence. Utilizing available tools and invoking qualities within.

Emergence of Human. Our highest form and purpose in this Life. A way towards liberating and being universal.

So how does Human look like? We know. All our living, struggles, chaos, accomplishments, success, abundance where should they be leading us to? Our highest potential, being human, reaching to effortlessness. Effortlessness is a point one can know that he is emerging as a Human. It is a sign, a lamppost.

Emergence of Human and Effortlessness is a long long journey, many of us can have taken lives and lives whilst reaching till here. Reaching here, where I am, I have known, that invoking this state is Simple, Gentle, Creative and Natural. Yet immensely powerful. Just as Life is in itself. It is us who make it complicated. We have it all within us, all as a support around us. We just have to connect with it, consciously seeking, and allow it all to work for us.

A seed is sown. The seed then utilizes properties of soil, rain, sunshine, human efforts in getting nurtures and strongly spreading its roots. It gathers all serenity and power of tree of life and one fine day, sprouts, it cracks the soils and breaks to emerge as a tiny soft leaf. So far now, all the processes were shaping within, now has it shown out in its existence facing world outside. Just from a tiny little seed having a capacity of growing as huge forest within, takes further shape. From that first leaf to developing as a trunk, branches, more and more leaves, flowers and finally fruit. It does and nurtures all of these fighting natural circumstances and calamities. Nature supports as well as delivers hindrances for that seed converted as a tree, to go strong on its own. Wisely using all that is around and given to him to nurture him well. Finally, a huge strong fully grown tree, bearing flowers and fruits, which will then turn out to be seed for yet another tree, eventually entire forest as a whole.

This is ever growing end result of WHOLENESS and EFFORTLESSNESS. Which can be Regained. An evolving journey from invoking core or essence and reflecting on our existence and emerging as Human and eventually liberating as universal being.

It is Simple, Gentle, Creative, Natural and yet immensely powerfully. We just need to seeking deeply and connect with it all to let it happen. Today I Pray that We all Do. Amen. Astu.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal