My dear Fellow bloggers. I am very much grateful to all of you for having been my constant support and inspiration all during my journey of expressing my views and evolving a concept and ‘Theory of Whole Life Science’. I have attached PDF of the same on above given link.

The pages in this PDF are almost same as my last few days of blog publish, now I wish to publish it as a WHOLE theory.

It will be your great help to me, if you can spend some time and read it all once again as a WHOLE theory and concept. Your feedback and suggestions and considerations are utmost valuable to me. As only because of you my dear friends that I have been able to evolve with same.

As you are aware, I now intend to work further in discovering and establishing few processes and or a form that can invoke our highest potentiality, wholeness and effortlessness. This is our journey as co-creators and co-existents.  Together we can.

Once again, I am looking forward to your valuable opinion and feedback and suggestions and imprints while going through it as a whole.

In our journey from Whole to Whole.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal