We are affected and influenced here in our practical realm by nature of Relationships, Condition in which we exist and Situation we are indulge into. These are influences of co-existence. Our reactions to these influences arise from our self realm which is our physicality, conscious and subconscious mind, our emotionality and state of our spirit. These are all practical realms and influences. We also come under influence of higher realms, which is beyond our limited senses and knowing. They do exist and we are under influence of them.

Few of them are Universal Energy, Universal Intelligence, Time and Space or Era, Regional Realm, Vibrational Frequency of Collective Mind.

All of these are beyond influences, beyond in the sense, we have to bow down and obey them, we have no power to change or overcome them. Rest of all practical influences, we have the power to change them, convert them, attract them or negate them. But above mentioned influences are not in Human power. May be in a Super Human power but certainly not in human power.

The point to raise this awareness is that, many a times in our lives, we just have to surrender, just have to accept things as they are and then adjust ourselves, modify ourselves in their power to negate struggle in our life. To acquire smooth flow or effortlessness in our life. We have to accept them as they are. They teach us acceptance, patience, tolerance. Much needed qualities within us.

Each passing moment, the energy around keeps affecting us. We do not intentionally attract them. They simply and naturally influence us and affect our living. It may be supportive to us, it may not be. They test us. For us, we just have to remain connected with our essence our core our purity.

Universal Intelligence is highest authority and work in creating, managing and destructing all lives at all times for their highest growth. It takes care of it all at all the times and creates situations, conditions for us to grow. This is beyond our intelligence to understand and know till we surrender to it, enhance ourselves and seek to know it all.

Time and Space or Era. Our lives are shaped in accordance with the time and era we breath in. The life of cave men and life today is way far different. Even if we wish to shape our life as per different time zone or era, we only invite struggle for us. This is beyond our means and powers.

Realm of Region. We are greatly affected by the area or region we live on. The life of mountain man and life of city man obviously differs although they belong to same time zone. One has to follow the needs and style of region they live in and make the most out of their lives. If they do not, they enter into living which is not just difficult also forces one to accommodate within the given reality else to shift to the desired region. In nut shell, demands and needs of region do affect our living, which is again a higher influence on us.

Our mind attracts frequency and vibrations of its own choice but also get influenced by the collective force of all the minds around. Many a times we have experienced that our mind gets in the flow of people around, or the collective temperament. We come under their influence and get affected by them. We do not even realise sometimes what makes us think or behave in certain manner. We feel that these are not We. True. Here we are part of that collective vibrational frequency which is beyond our mean to know. With special efforts we might can know them and adjust to our own frequency.

All of these beyond or higher influences can be known a bit or to fullest to seekers of higher realm. But they require purest of intentions and openness and enhanced self. For others it is just to know that they do exist and simply be in flow with them, to avoid struggle and smooth growth and self and connected ones. Nature or life takes care of it all.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator,

Minal Dalal