In my native language The Guna ‘Qualities’ of Soul or a rather the qualities of Illumined Soul goes as ” Satyam, Satej, Sahaj, Sampoorna, Samanvit, Sarjak, Satvik, Sheelvant, Safal, Saundaryvan, Sukhavah”. That is “Truthful, Illumined, Effortless, Whole, Aligned, Creator, Pious, Virtuous, Successful, Beautiful, Blissful” .

When the Soul gets illumined, awakened, the above mentioned qualities begin to spread. The essence or core gets strengthened. The spirit, emotions, mind and body becomes free of age old toxins, the knowing or knowledge gets invoked and intensifies, these knowing gets starts reflecting into existence and its living through deeds, applications, thoughts, emotions, alignment in co-existence, serenity and power to adjust or modify or overcome the conditions and situations.

All his living becomes his character. More and more enthusiasm of spirit flows with the character. And what enhances him or spreads him and make him impactful is his enthusiastic Character. His Aura. This enthusiastic Character or Aura touches other lives and illuminates them as well. It then shifts others as well to the higher level. All of their life changes for betterment. Betterment of self, society and entire existence as a whole. He is then be able to conquer the higher influences and is on the way to be liberated.

This is the process. As I have known and understood.

One must know that then all our practical living comes into the rhythm, the doingness, the righteousness.

In the process of growing, the tree embraces sunlight, it embraces and it grows, (no one teaches him how to grow, no one teaches him how to protect and fight, no one teaches him how to feed and give). It embraces the essential and it grows. The more it grows the more it gives. The more it gives, more capable it becomes to grow. The more light it embraces and more it grows. And a day comes when a tree is fully grown, a tree is fully illumined and Whole. Now the tree has fully enhanced his life, it is now giving THE BEST it has and it can give. Roots, Wood, Leaves, Flowers, Fruits, new Seeds, Shed, Shelter. It is for us then how to make use of them. For tree he has been fully capable of giving. Of serving.

The soul is same. The process is same. Even for we the humans and human lives. They all can remain stuck to their core process and we humans deviate. We go superficial, disconnected to the core and we suffer. All the solutions and answers to practical struggle and living lies into the core qualities of our being. The soul has his own path of growing and whatever knowledge or actions or support needed for his growth, he himself illuminates. We simply have to follow it. We just need to be inflow. If we are seekers of growth, potent and effortless living. If we are seekers of whole and crave to be fully illumined.

Couple of days back, I thought I am done with the theory of ‘Whole Life Science’, but I was unfinished, I realised. My post on ‘Higher Influences’ and ‘The Soul as a Whole’ is extended version in the theory. Without this the theory would not have been Whole. This is what happens when you embrace and grow and give, you become eligible for more light, growth and giving power.

It’s my time, I suppose, now is to go into the detailed working of each facet I have mentioned in the theory as one part. And how to get them into processes whereby it can be invoked in others, as a second part. Concluding the theory with this note.

I seek more knowing and creativity and power, I seek more flowing, strengthening of my soul and illumination. For uplifting and enhancing myself and as many other lives as possible. Astu. Amen.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal