It is raining heavily outside and I am siting near the window. Cup of hot fresh coffee in my hand and a laptop on my lap. A wet Sunday morning is making me all poetic and yet not in a mood to write new. The poems wants to pour out and be shared. So sipping the coffee I finally choose to share few of my favourite Facebook pots. They are written by me at https://www.facebook.com/Poornam.venturing.wholeness

Here they go…

A while ago…the rain stopped…
The mist the dirt the pollution
It cleared it all…
The forest is fresh and lush green once again…
The water is falling and flowing
The trees and trunks and leaves have new life again
Fruits and flowers are blooming to the fullest
Chirping birds are on round once again
The clouds are clear and Sun is peeping
It’s all very wet….
The soil is all melted
Can you smell that fragrance?
Can you feel that freshness?
Can you sense that purity and newness?
Can you experience the wetness?
Can you experience
That freshly wet forest
Once again???
Is that forest blooming and growing within you???

What is it that is melting?
I can see that happening…
Deforming it’s rigidity and solidity
Leaving behind the control over form
What is it that is melting?
Now in a liquid state
Simply melting and flowing
And merging with all
Just becoming one…
It’s shape is now the shape of all
the structure of it is structure of all…
Simply flowing merging and becoming as one…
What is it that is
I can see that happening now.


My journey has now begun.
It is lead by my inner voice
and fuelled by the purpose
I am surrounded with everything
The goodness the evil
The flow the hindrances
I embrace and enjoy all of it
As I have my heart and eye
At the bright light
Somewhere at horizon
But within my reach.
Yes I can be the light.
I can shine for me and for others
I have known
And my knowing has got me
onto the track
Whereon my journey has begun
And soon will it reach to the destination…

From tiny seeds and fossils
To the structure of universe
It’s all so artistic
So mathematical
So much so precise and accurate
So compound and constructive
And so much more…
Amazing… is such a small word
To describe
It’s above our senses to know and experience
Only the eye and heart of soul
Can know and understand
And recreate the same through
Our heart and hands and skills
It’s beyond all our imagination
We just can surrender and bow in awe
and pray to be eligible and capable to create
A slight bit of it….

Ohhh I wonder…
I am in awe and I surrender
How the reflection of sunlight on a drop
Can turn into the most spectacular
Shape a Nature can ever showcase
What is it? What is it?
I wish to know
I wish to be
I wish to turn
In total amaze if I can
I would know what power the Nature has
To transform it all
A Rainbow out in conjunction
Of a drop with a ray…
Can we ever have the skill
Anywhere like this
Can we ever have the ability
To bring out anything as such…

There is a bright sunshine
Behind those dark thick clouds
We are on the other side
The enlightening sun
is revealing all that is
But for now behind the clouds
Keeping us away and in dark…
This cloud is an echo of our own self
It is created by us… it’s our own reflection..
Are we seeking the Light???
Are we seeking the Truth???
If yes what will we need to do?
What cloud of yours is hiding the Sun behind?

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In love with Life.
Your Co-Creator
Minal Dalal