Multi Dimensional Consciousness:

In first part of ‘Theory of Whole Life Science’ we have had a glimpse of Human and it’s Individual and personal Consciousness and a bit of Co-Existence. Now I intend to begin my work on individual consciousness of each component of living beings and their collective consciousness. Their effects and interdependence on each other, individually and in collective form.

From human consciousness or individual and personal  consciousness, the first and immediate extension of consciousness would be Consciousness of a society by large and society as a whole. What is consciousness of a society, soul of a society and it’s demands to grow and evolve.

Next we will need to move to consciousness of every other living consciousness. All types of creatures and plant kingdom. Then Natural elements such as Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Individual consciousness of Sun, moon, planets, sound, colour, aroma, shapes, spoken words and letters. Collective consciousness of Mantra, sacred places. Then collective of consciousness of ocean, river, mountains, crystals, stars and galaxies… The list is long. They all affect each other and hence one should evolve to know and take optimum benefit of them in their personal evolution and collective evolution.

We may know just a bit for now and yet we can connect and attract them for our evolution. As well as we can enhance little knowing for each by using them in a combined form. Like for some sacred ritual, we can consciously combine effect of sound, mantras, plants and crystals, colour, aroma, energy of earth, fire, water, air and space as per the ritual need and multiply the effect by making scientific and spiritual combined use of them.

It is not much of importance how much do we know, it is how deeply can we connect, how utmost can we invoke and attract within us. I intend to know it all step by step and prepare suitable Recepie out of it to resolve and evolve.

I invite all of you in this mission with me, by sharing your knowing suggestions, views, feedback or any other form that may suit you. Together We Can.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal