There are several permutations and combination between evoked consciousness between two people. The reason is they are born out of basic nature of each, conditioning and environment of each, intentions and emotions of each, individual purposes, basic nature, mind conditions and perceptions. They are various in forms and therefore the consciousness that evokes can have several permutations and combinations. The fact is that a consciousness is getting created and this consciousness work for both and many others as well. This consciousness converts as energy exchange between both. And energy is source of all creations and destruction.

When two are in loving relationship and mutually care for growth of each other, the consciousness works wonderfully in flow in constructive direction. When both are in hate relationship, the consciousness is in flow in destructive direction. They align that way. But when each one is aligned on different note, the energy flow remains disturbed and confused in which direction to flow. Eventually one with higher intensity consciousness takes over. Eventually the one having consciousness of essential being takes over.

Also to make note that one can change the alignment and consciousness of other deliberately and knowingly or non deliberately or unknowingly. It is the work and effort of sub conscious first. In imagination, in visualisation, in focus one can work and change the consciousness of other. The distance between two people never matters. This imagination or visualisation or focus then turns to conscious mind and transmitted as energy for the other.  We can change the prevailing pattern by re addressing the entire relationship or particular episode which we wish to change or stop from recurrence. During all of this time one must always remember that eventually out of two, the one having purer and kind purpose finally takes over.  Two people aligned with each other create harmony and rhythm which works wonderful or miraculous for each other, not just that, it spreads to other people around as well.

On final note, what we give or what we sow or wish for other, returns back to us or reap for us. The beginning of creating a better place to live, we must first work on purifying our own consciousness and then one on one with few other people. The change we wish to see begins here.

Henceforth it is st our discreet what consciousness to be evoked, how intensely. Also it is at our discreet on how to arouse consciousness that can help in mutual evolving and evolution of many others eventually.  It begins with awareness, setting intentions, finding ways and then working upon it. Dedicated, tirelessly, uninterrupted and unshakably. No matter what.

May we all find our rhythm one on one with all humans we come in contact with and we relate with. Amen.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal