A step further in extending our consciousness would first lead us to the consciousness of our family and also extended family in certain cases. As we have known, a family is a small version of our society. Like in society people with unique identities and yet they co-exist.  Their qualities and disabilities complement each other and they come to fuller circle. This makes a society complete. Whole. Same applies to the family.

We all are well aware of the fact that every member of a family is brought up with his or her unique kind of skills, temperament, abilities and disabilities, perceptions and so on. When we view it closely we will come to realisation that they compensate each other in fulfilling the whole circle called as a family.

So the collective consciousness of a family is set to promote and complement each member in areas of lacking and support and make use of his/her strengths. In the families where this understanding is rooted strong they create harmony and you will find them all growing very well, but where this understanding is weakly developed or they are only taught to live for their individual needs and purposes, you find clashes. Each of them then outgrow with their acquaintances and friends and larger part of society in the same manner.

You find them in your neighborhood or society, destroying the harmony and growth of entire society. What is needed in a family or a society is for someone to take the lead with serenity and authority in creating this harmony. Growing collective and complimenting values, observing the nourishment of each in balanced manner. Strive for smooth growth of all and raise the consciousness that can then be spreaded out in healthy manner. In constructing a healthy society.

Their remains differences, their prevails priorities, and all of them can be taken care of wisely, without disturbing the equilibrium of give and take between each of them. By making them understand what one is giving and what one is receiving or will receive in later part of a life.

The consciousness of family lies in bonding and co-existence. The roots of oneness is here. If you can experience and perform oneness in family then only you will be eligible for healthy member of your society or global citizen on the way.

Give and take has many forms, few are tangible and can be gauged, others are intangible and very subtle in nature. This awareness must be raised and used all when needed. We all are given the very family is for a reason. We complement each other, the way everything else in the nature, in the society, throughout globe, complement each other. Till we become whole by ourselves, we will always be needing this complementary assistance. Whether we accept or deny. The more we will accept, the well we will be able to receive and give. The more harmony we will be able to create. The healthier would be the environment for nurturing and growth will prevail.

It is mainly the matter of Accepting it. And living accordingly. Here is where our purification takes place.

We are seeking growth and for that we must first allow growth. We must first make space and environment for growth, which begins with the family. With this well accepted consciousness I feel every family will progress to growth in loving, healthy and harmonious environment and will spread the same around.

May the loving, complementing, healthy and harmonious consciousness be raised and prevailed in all of our families. Amen. Astu.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal