Remember together we can make it whole. We are all unique and we can supplement each other. Same goes with your acquaintances as well. Most of us face same or the other issues at our organisational culture, whatever position we may be working at. This mainly prevails because we put ourselves first. In the organisation, the purpose is different. It is to giving shape to a product or a service and spread it all across. Doing so we benefit us all and we also benefit our customers.

Henceforth the consciousness of our product/service should be our center goal and prime focus. Secondly, the consciousness of Team and Co-Creator-ship should be raised at every level. Contribution of every member should be accounted equally. Even the slightest of hole in the circle can spread out the energy of circle all around. Thus every single effort need to be equally weighed and accounted for. My work and efforts are adding value to my product/service and by doing so I am contributing not just to the market but to the lives of many people who are the end users.

When this kind of consciousness is created and maintained throughout think of the environment that gets created and also think of the consciousness and quality of even the tiniest product/service is raised to what level… Because every building hand is guided by heart and the mission is Giving the Best rather than Getting the Best. Eventually Getting the Best will always follow but the focus is on Giving the Best.

And when the focus is on Giving the Best, each acquaintance comes across the skills and fallacies of every other one and his consciousness is raised in using the best of all and complementing the lagging of the other. Whatever position they may be working at, the jobs automatically shifts, people get to work where their skills and hearts are. The focus is their organisation the focus is their product/service. And the product/service with this raised consciousness reaches hands of many other and touches lives of many more.

Can you imagine what energy and consciousness passes all around. Gradually what impact this can have in each of ours’ lives. Can you experience it while reading this?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal