By gradually raising our consciousness from I to We to Us, we enhance. Self to two to family to organization and society to country to entire Globe. The more we enhance the greater the issues we touch and deeper and profound we go.

So far now we were only enforcing the relationship on one to one base then a family, a group, an organisation, a society by raising our consciousness. The clutters and dispositions were spreading and varying. We became aware of all of them by diving deep into  them, by closely connecting and owning them as ours. It’s time now to enhance further and Own the entire Globe.

What if we owned this Globe and we were keen to transform it to a better living place, a healthier, peaceful, nurturing, ever growing place for entire mankind and all living beings as well…

We need to shift our consciousness to the ownership for betterment and being empowered to authentically bring change to it. Being truly authentic, pure in intentions, genuinely powerful and serene, profoundly compassionate Humans can. One must thrive to be that. They must pulsate and deeply feel the need, they must rise awake and not wait until it is done. The change they wish to see, they must do all they can and their constant urge, deeper seeking, preparedness to be transformed and raised one, and most importantly working towards it loving and compassionately, they reflect. On people around and to the universe. Then they will find all support and resources swiftly and effortlessly that can make it happen.

But first, they must pulsate in every single cell of theirs, they must live it within, they must profoundly visualise and trust. And remember every single cell within us is the cell of every human being, every living being outside. What is in is out and what is out is in. When one can fully and deeply experience it and a stream of love and compassion, mixed with pure intentions, desperate dedication, unchanged focus and vision, one can transform. Every little act with these essential base can bring unbelievable and miraculous change.

People with raised consciousness of global citizen never ever think, what difference just one person can make. They rise beyond mind and intellect, they rise above emotions, they just merge with the universal flow and act. The rest then becomes a legendary tale. Universe refuels at every level, they must only show the courage and desperation of transforming this place where we live as to that they belong to them, that they are responsible for what it is and that they can transform it the way they wish to see it.

In my blogs, i do not focus much on problems and issues that are related because my intention is not to deviate to the issues rather the ‘possibilities’ and invoking that awareness and power and serenity within you to ‘make it happen’. My intention is knocking and awakening that essence within you which is the root source of all that can happen.

Gradually I also intend to show the ways and tools and processes that can refill in all of us, where we are lacking or what we need to change within us or eliminate those toxins which are keeping us away from our authenticity.

For now, it is for those, who have enhanced and are prepared to own the responsibility,   those who can pulsate it within every single cell of us, and ready to do all that is required.

Are you the one who can???


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal