From In to out and out to within is the whole cycle. We now enter into the consciousness realm of living forms around us on this  earth. We are now moving OUT. Out of Human form and merge with all the living beings around.

This is becoming vast now as we would be entering into consciousness of thousands of living forms at once and hence I would like to present this in more than one blog. This will be in alignment of living forms existing on this earth. They have individual consciousness as well collective consciousness, as we Human do have. Every single specie of Animals, Birds, other creatures, Plants, Minerals and Crystals, Ocean and other water bodies, Air, Earth, Fire and Space. We all co-exist on this Earth. All of us have our own consciousness and we affect each other to the very great extent. To the extent that we cannot even measure it.  It does. The life cycle is inter dependent in Nature. And to remind again, we receive what we give to all these living forms existing in the Nature.

The best part is that we can make good use of them in raising our consciousness, invoking our essence, in exfoliating our potentiality and leading towards our own wholeness. And while attaining this, as we affect all other living forms, we shed light and energy of our refined consciousness to all of them. Far beyond all living beings existing in the universe and the same energy will come back to us.

This is one way of In to Out and Within. The second way is that there are 84 lac species in this universe and we have evolved by living all of them. We carry imprints of each of them within. It’s just that in journey of life we have left them behind and have lost connection with them. We can restore it. In one life, we can relive it. We can connect with them, we invoke them within and we attain our wholeness again.

Why to connect with them and invoke them? Why to raise our consciousness? It is because, we are Humans and henceforth we lack, we strive and crave, we find us unfulfilled. All these lacking in form of energy, wisdom, power, essence and authenticity, we can fill them Naturally within us when we know what to take from whom. For this we would need to know a little of them all. I also know very little of it and yet I am venturing into it because I know I am the seeker. of Essence of all, Truths of Life and Processes that can invoke and Be the Whole once again, which is the highest and Supreme form of all of us. Human is ‘Hu’ in Man, where ‘HU’ is God and Man is we all. GOD within MAN is HUMAN. And when anyone seeks from very core, whatever position he may is can KNOW it all and find the ways to INVOKE. Like is it happening with me. You need no certification, no backings, you just need the TRUST, SEEK and FLOW.

So in one part we will be invoking a bit about all living forms here around of us existing on this Earth. And then we will take ride to Natural Elements which are away from our Earth and yet they have profound impact on us and by knowing and connecting with their consciousness, we can arise ours. And our knowing and awakening will eventually be spreaded as Light and Energy in invoking others.

We can enhance and impact as far and as much around as we wish to. This is spherical way from IN to OUT and WITHIN.

This is our journey and we may help each other even by sharing our own knowing and experiences. Experiencing is the highest form as it is convergence of knowing into the implementation and knowing once again as a whole. I would like if you can give your inputs, suggestions, share your knowings and experiences. Consciousness is nothing more than knowing that state. Raising consciousness is reaching to essence and as higher a state. It’s that simple. Let’s together create a ‘SACRED SPACE FOR EVOLUTION here exactly where we are.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal