All living forms can be broadly divided into two categories.

  1. Living forms having THINKING mind (Conscious mind) and INSTINCTIVE mind (Sub Conscious mind)
  2. 2. Living forms having only INSTINCTIVE (Sub conscious mind)

We Humans, and few species of Animals and Creatures fall into first category. Rest of the creatures, all types of Crystals and Minerals (Earthen forms), all types of plants, Air particles, Fire particles, all water bodies fall into second category.

Living beings Only with Instinctive mind can only REACT to the demand of situation. They carry imprints and experiences of all their past lives and past living forms. On that basis their Instinctive or Sub conscious mind is cultivated. Any situation arise and they react on the basis of their instincts that is experiences of their past memory storage. They do not know beneficial or non beneficial, they do not know to be done or not be done, they do not know is there a better way? They can only react to meet the situation demand that has arise. Like if they sense fear, they only find the way to escape. They have no mind to think whether the fear is true or not, what way to escape modality to choose for most safety, they can not even know that they can attack and survive. They just find the way to escape and that’s it.

Living beings having both minds, THINKING mind and INSTINCTIVE mind (Conscious and Sub conscious mind) have the capacities to categories, choose, forward thinking, backward thinking, generating ideas and pushing implementation, bring past imprints into present context and reformat, to release and liberate, to bring reactions into thinking process and analyse and then ACT.

Another major advantage of having both minds is they can attract. They can relate with their desires and aspirations and attract the energy like wise. With the mind capacity they can actualize and manifest anything they have wished for. That is the reason few animal species and Humans are more evolved and even to be more precise, Humans are highest living form on universe ever, as along with both minds they are given all tools to manifest and exfoliate highest potential and to attain the Supreme form. None other than Human beings can ever attain this.

Now coming to our topic ‘consciousness of all living forms’, all species in Universe have their set of properties and consciousness. They have their own Essence. As Humans, we can know them, connect with them and attract them within us (we only crave to attract when deep within we feel the lack of it or we find the need to invoke it within us). And in a way, invoke their essence and lead to potential living. We must only know ourselves from very deep of ourselves, we must seek and trust. This is what life of Humans are meant for. Reaching to effortless and potent living is our highest purpose in our lives. And when one truly aspires, the entire universe conspires to bestow the same on us. We must seek and trust and simply follow.

With my little knowing, I intend to present before you, consciousness of some of the living forms around. To relate and connect with them would be very much personalised. But one thing is for sure that

“I opened the window to let one Idea in and

Infinite doors of light opened before me.”

May it happen for all. Amen. Astu.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal