Have we ever wondered why some species of animals or birds or other creatures attract us? We want to have them with us or we want to spend time with them, go behind them, observe them, even sometimes behave like them. Whatever age we have reached to.

Like Humans, All other living forms have their own set of properties and consciousness and the same set of properties and consciousness, we Humans have within us as we have already lived each of them in our past and past and past lives. Every single living form existing on this universe, we Humans have lived before, till reaching here in this life.

The question is what to do with it now? We have evolved and reached till here so why? The reason is that we have never ever lived fully or wholly, neither now nor ever before and hence to liberate ourselves we need to liberate them from within us. They still exist within some by changing forms. The changed forms are now converted as ‘Lacking or Need’. What we Lack or find as Need is unlived part of some or the other living form, we have ever had.

And we can fulfill it Now, by connecting with their consciousness and experience within us once again. Today, I will be talking about Animals and Birds and Creatures in this episode. Have we ever wondered why so many times we relate things and situation straight with Animals. For example he needs to run like a horse. Or stallions are symbol of Success. You must have seen photo frame of 7 running horses in many offices. Why? The office is looking for might of 7 healthy horses running to their wildest. That is success and that is ‘the might’ which is at need. By having this frame we intend to attract that energy at our office, in our workforce.

Another example, when it comes to celebration, we may find us relating with peacock, A colourful,  graceful, fuller expression of celebration through the dance. Inviting rain, inviting happiness. Singing, fully opening their multi coloured feathers in style, and singing his songs at his sweetest, running all around, changing the energy of that entire place and raising energy of celebration, of arrival of happiness.

There can be N number of examples, and I am sure you must have started relating by now. The thing is how to know, whom to connect with and how?

There are several ways of doing so. You can imitate them, (in yoga also many such imitations are given a yoga form, Mayurasan, Swanasan, Manjarasan and so many more). Our ancestors knew this and also they knew the art of doing it. Which we have forgotten. We sometimes still follow them, but we have forgotten why should we and how should we? Have you ever realised that while watching some documentaries or watching some movements of live animals or while reading about them in stories, we deeply relate them. This is also one form of meditation and by being connected in that deep state of being, we invite and attract the energies and consciousness of those animals, birds, creatures. Butterflies are the most excellent example of this. And we are all seeking the Freedom. Which can be denoted by the consciousness of a butterfly.

With conscious knowing and efforts, we can make this connection as whole. And thus enhance our experience to the fullest. Say you are connecting with frog in your yogic kriya (frog is evolution of ocean creatures into creatures of land, so here you also connect with your amphibian experience, add to your experience the good of it or use it to liberate the left out experience as an amphibian). While connecting some yogic kriya as a frog, you also make sound like frogs, you also visualise and experience the ocean and land consciousness, the atmosphere as both, thus by extending your physical activity to wholesome activity, you actually experience the life of frog, the consciousness of frog and do whatever is needed as a while.

Likewise we can connect with them in any of our creative form as well, like a dance or portrayal of a peacock or a butterfly or write a poem about them. There are several forms and opportunities standing before us. And we can weave them in our daily routine life as well.

What is required is that this awareness needs to be raised, this connection needs to be created and then it should be performed. And as deeply, as profoundly, as vividly you execute, you open so many channels of yours. We need not experience each and every living form, just by knowing the need and fully invoking it, we open several doors alike. We experience several forms alike. May be the entire level of consciousness, just by one full act, creatively, wholly.

Are you experiencing it now?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal