Collective consciousness is profound. We find them as natural elements all around. Natural elements like soil or earth, water and water bodies, fire and fire forms, air particles, and all types of plants. They are all immensely profound. Not just because they are collective but also because they are pure and undiluted. (Although we Humans have polluted them unimaginably, I am talking in terms of their own presence and property.) All these elements have only INSTINCTIVE mind (no THINKING mind) and they have only one sense. Sense of TOUCH. So they react only to the touch. They are therefore not in a capacity to manipulate themselves or anyone who comes in connection with them. This is a huge advantage for we Humans. They live as essential beings and henceforth we find it easy to relate with their energy and consciousness and make a use of it. For our Healing for our Growth.

This is the reason we feel so tranquil and pure within when we are in close connection at any of Natural surrounding. It not only fills us with freshness, it also absorbs our toxicities. We must make use of it more frequently. More deeply and consciously connecting with it.

The essence of soil or earth is solidarity, strength, security, compassion and grounding. essence of water and water bodies is free flow, tranquility, vastness and depth. essence of fire and fire forms is spark, transformation, purification and enthusiasm. essence of air is life, vital force, mobility and accommodation. You may add up as with your instincts as well.

Essence of tree or plant is essence of entire life form in itself. Even if you closely connect with tree, you can connect with entire process of growth of life. From seed plantation to seed taking combine energy of sun, soil, water and air, processing it as food for its own nurturing and sprouting as roots, grounding roots for solidarity, strength and source of food and water as life, nurturing, sprouting, struggling to break hard soil and enhancing in form of a very tiny and tender leaf. Then soft trunk developing into a strong support and carrier of life supplement to each body part of the tree. Branching of trunk, more and more of leaves, fruits and flowers as an outcome of the huge growth process of a plant. The most ideal natural form to connect and get energy from.

I suggest you one process here. I have used it many a times for me and for many people. Go to the wood on some fine day. Find the tree you feel like connecting with. Observe the tree well and connect with it in your mental realm. When a moment comes give a deep profound hug to the tree. Remain connected in hug with closed eyes. Absorb entire tree within you. Listen what it tells you. Be aware of changes you find within you. What that tree told you? How do you see a tree as? This is your meaning of life.

Share your experience here in comment, if you have already done this, and if not, do so and then share. It is more than a worth. Take my word.

You can also get in connection with consciousness of natural elements in different creative formats as well. A poetry, or writing, a painting, a song or a dance performance or sculpturing… whichever way you may feel like. Do express. You will find no better transcending or meditative experience while expressing being in connection with them. They will for sure enrich your life, they will for sure absorb your toxicity and they will for sure fill you with their essence.

All experience with natural elements are sacred, transcending, nurturing, enriching and leading us to our own essence. They refill what we lack. They strengthen what we already have. They heal us and they give us space and fuel to grow.

What more can others do for us, unconditionally, profoundly, gently and lovingly…


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal