We have been talking about the consciousness of living forms within our sphere and to our present context. Today we will break the boundary of sphere and go beyond while remaining to our present context only. Beyond sphere we would be knowing and invoking the consciousness of Sun, Moon, Sky, Clouds, Stars, Planets (and its astrological effects), Rainbow and Rain (both can be related within sphere and beyond sphere as well) and moving further we reach to our galaxy and then galaxies beyond our galaxy.

I like to connect and invoke with these Natural Elements more dearly for one reason as the profoundness of their effect on us. Not just the significance of effect but combined with the significance of the distance, when we see, we can imagine how powerful they can be. How evolved their consciousness has to be. The other reason for my being fondness is their nature of non-judgmental spreading. They spread because they have not affected by who wishes to use them, worship them or who wished to shed away from them. Spreading their consciousness just the same everywhere.

They are so profound, that you just even think of them and qualities they posses, you immediately starts attracting them within you. The Sun fills you with brightness, Light, Shine, Discipline, Warmth and Life for billions. The Sky which gives space to accommodate everything within his kingdom. You connect with the sky and you immediately enter into the vastness and openness. You immediately experience yourself broadening and widening. You move beyond your body and other earthly experiences. Planets if you take them in astrological terms, together they can create and write the destiny of each of us. How amazing!!! Spinning several thousand miles away from us and several thousand miles away from for each other, unitedly they form our fate. Their each movements affect day to day life of all of us Humans (do they impact the fate of animals or other living forms as well? I wonder).  How can this happen? But it happens and we have to accept it some day or other, knowingly or unknowingly.

The Rain, The weather and its changing patterns effecting on lives of every single living form. And the Space where all vibrations are reformed, all energy particles change its form and direction. And in our thoughts or consciousness when we travel, in awe in wonder in childlike ignorance, we realize how ineffective or unworthy or a tiny dot we are. And the fact remains is we are more powerful, worthy and effective then the collective effectiveness of all of them. And how small we are living??? How limited we are thinking, How narrowly we are living and yet we feel we are the Great ones. We are the creator of it all…. We are but we are yet to reach there.

We are yet to exfoliate our potentiality for our own self first and then start spreading and enhancing it as much as we can. One thing for sure that all the living forms have supreme powers, and having being highest evolved, we Humans have all the tools to invoke these power within and then radiate it throughout the universe. It is the process from in to out, which can take lives and lives or just one life or few years, depends on how deeply and cravingly we are seeking it and how prepared we are to break all jinx and follow the ways to attain it.

Sit quietly at some lonely natural place. Close your eyes. Bring your full awareness to your connection with these Natural Elements. Observe what are you feeling about them. Where is it leading you. From one element to the other. Within sphere beyond sphere beyond this galaxy to the other galaxies the entire universe and may be universe beyond the universe. Observe where your awareness and your connection is leading you to. how do you feel with each of them….  What are you experiencing?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal