Sacred Visits, Sacred places, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Symbols, Sacred Rituals, Sacred Equations, Sacred Scriptures… they all behold cosmic consciousness within them. They concentrate the consciousness of the entire cosmos within them and bestow on whomsoever come in sacred contact with them.

They are meant to reveal secrets of self and entire universe to the ones reaching for them. Knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously. But they do. When knowingly or consciously, the reward is unbound. One can know all secrets of all times all places all matters everything even in a second. Condition is Man should have reached to the level wherein he can truly absorb it. The one who has been that ‘deserving’. Even otherwise, to the extent of one’s state, the sacred reveal it all.

Sacredness transforms as well. It purifies the toxicity in whatever form it may be. How much ever deep or age old or stubborn it may be. It works like gentle fire which absorbs it all and purifies. To the degree of openness, purity of intentions and the state of the living being. Here I marked living being because it works on all living forms and not just human beings. It’s Humans who can take maximum benefit of it as we are highest evolved living forms and having all the tools handy to let it happen for them and others as well.

When I get connected with sacredness, in whichever form, even while in my thoughts or while writing about it. I am deeply awe struck!!! What state those evolved beings would have reached to create and establish sacredness in some form for us. A Mantra, A Ritual, A Geometry, A Symbol, A Shape, A Place, An Equation, A Scripture… How open he would have been to KNOW it all and to have the INTENTIONS and SKILLS to bring to some kind of immensely powerful FORM, which would work the same for generations to generations no matter what.


All my senses stops working, I am breathless and short of heart beats when I dwell into it. My entire existence loses its form when I am in awe about creative and immensely powerful tool of sacred forms.

This is about Human created Sacred Forms. Sacred forms are also created by Nature as well. All collective forms of natural elements are sacred. A mountain with valley and other forms. A waterfall with flowing river and other natural forms, ocean along with other natural elements. Few natural geographical conditions along other natural elements also behold sacredness within them. For us to know them, experience them and to get transformed is not the less sacred.

Other way round, while at our practical and routine indulgences, when we connect with our purity and creativeness, our reflection becomes Sacred. All of our creative expression coming out of our pure essence and our creative nature (which we all possess) is a SACRED FORM in itself. It transcends us, it transforms us, it reveals to us and shifts us to yet another higher state. At the same tome it also impacts other lives who come in contact with it for sure, to the degree of state of level of those people. But it does.

Hence forth consciousness of Sacredness is a gift given to all of us. It is a way to our growth. Our potentiality, our effortlessness and our wholeness. May we all reach to it, recognise it and use it well for our highest benefit and of others as well. Amen. Astu.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal