The path of consciousness is IN TO OUT AND WITHIN. In last few days our journey has been In to Out. We have broken the boundaries of sphere and have entered cosmos. We have touched the collective consciousness of all. Today we will hold on there for a while before we begin again from Out to Within.

Now we know how we are all Connected and we are One. Let’s experience that Connection and Oneness for a while. Here I wish to share my experience while at connection and Oneness with All. When I began to merge into oneness, I came to know, how our ancestors, who were profoundly evolved (even profoundly is a very small adjective for them) , they would have known this consciousness and connection with All. They would have experiences that Oneness and they would have known secrets of all times, all lives, all places, all elements at once. Their flood of compassion and love would have been outbound and out of that flood they would have CREATED some Sacred Forms, In just minimal expressions of sound, of chanting, of shapes and symbols, of rituals, of scriptures and many other forms, that can enable us to invoke and evolve consciousness of us all.

I have also known the profound effect of their state, the intense intentions, purity of self combing with the profoundness of the form they must have used to CREATE the Sacred Form which would work from generations to generations from era to era. I can now feel the amount of consciousness state they would have reached and attained. And the form they must have chosen.

I always used to wonder how come work of few could impact for thousands of years. I would be awestruck with the impression of Geeta, the Mantras. I would wonder how come people can seek their answers from them, how could they Resolve it All using those chanting. Today I know. And anyone would who must have reached to the conscious connection and oneness with all.

I bow down to them all.

And Today I once again wish that we all can break our boundaries and enhance to cover entire cosmos and all its elements. We embrace them as One. as Self. as they are Us. We connect with them and seek their properties and consciousness in Being Whole.

Today I have no more words to express. I am wordless and formless. May you be too. Astu. Amen.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal