We are immortal soul in mortal bodies. We have perished from one living form to another and have been at once breath in all 84 lac living specie on this cosmos. The bodies get birth, they grow and they die but the experiences, properties, karmas remain as imprints on the Soul.

Our Soul as on today carries all such imprints with it and our this life is crafted and weaved with the threads of all these imprints. This is what our subconscious mind is made up of. This is the source of all our instinctive reactions.

We can at any time relate with any of this form and work upon it. Although to reach this state is possible for very highly evolved and potent beings.

For us, the all rest seekers, to know this and accept this is the key to our liberation and the key to exfoliation of our highest potentiality. For the seekers who seek to know and overcome their fallacies and stumble points and limiting patterns, the best way is to be consciously follow their instinctive behaviours, reactions and natural thought patterns.

When fully conscious and deeply seeking, we can reach out to our subconscious mind and open our channel to the past lives experiences. We can also relate to our patterns with the living forms we have known around. Here we can know, what could have been ours and release.

All these efforts to know and release may be very shocking and pain striking for us but they are worth meeting and be released, as our growth is at stake here. They are the stumble blocks for growth at every facet of our life. Once we own this pain and process us, we become freer and freer. We not only free ourselves, we free many other souls who has been in conjunction with our web life from time to time. Our release is release for many more to some extent as well.

Gratitude and forgiveness is a very gentle process to do so, without touching the paining chords.

But those who seeks higher, quicker and deeper results, must pass through the process within of knowing and releasing. This is very subtle, silent and intrinsic process and have immensely profound results.

“I intend to exfoliate my highest potential, live it in this life and for this I intend to know and release all my blockages.” I Pray this to supreme intelligence  in my solitude. “Guide me to Truth, guide me to Light, guide me to Purity. Guide me to my Essence.” I further Pray. “Make me wise enough to know and accept. Make be courageous enough to win over it. Make me strong enough to stick to my Essence and Virtues. Give me enough strength to break it all here and now.” My Prayer goes on. “Guide me my inner self. Guide me Supreme. Let is all happen in my full awareness.”

I Trust. I Surrender. And I Flow.

I cleanse and eradicate my blocks and strengthen my web of life.

I thereby foster others as well.

‘In the process my bonding with all living forms strengthens, my love and compassion for all grows. I enhance. The Truth, Light and Purity within me illuminates. My Essence, my Existence, my Universal presence all intensifies. ‘

I pray to Arise from hereon. Forever.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal