Now we are turning inwards again. To highest we efforted to touch the consciousness of cosmos and all at once. Also we tried to invoke consciousness of all our past lives. Now we are revisiting our own consciousness from larger arena to the minutest ones.

Our today is very largely based and affected by our childhood experiences and pattern cultivation. They are major store of emotional, mental and intellectual realm of our today and our tomorrow. For the seekers of highest potentiality and growth, becoming aware, acknowledging and accepting our childhood experiences and patterns is first and foremost requisite. Many blocked channels can be altered here. Many limits can be broken here. Many traumas can be released from here. And a Renewed more Potent more profound Open and Liberated Self can be Regained just by visiting our childhood experiences and patterns and rearranging them.

I am only talking about blocks is because they need to be taken care of, the positive and constructive experiences speak by itself only and they get fostered by themselves only. Need only arise when we feel short, restricted, small and incapable.

Due to lack of true wisdom of raising, preconditioned and under nourished minds, over cautious or under conscious nature, lack of control over self and over conditions and circumstances, difference of opinions and lack of understanding and true love, over indulgence, genetic pass on.. the list is long.. they all cause poor upbringing of children. Also it provides stale environment to foster enough security, bonding, values and essence, self esteem, and zest to lead life and meet all conditions eye to eye.

The child needs to be raised to remain connected with self, be open enough to lead life as guided by inner self and be wise and courageous enough to take what ever may come. Then from very tender age they get the chances to exfoliate their own potentiality. Many a times even this is done correctly, but then the trap of misleading begins from here and child becomes victim of poor leadership. In all of these and much more, unfortunately, child loses his essential self and grows in the mists of confusions and chaos. He loses his own identity and tries to survive with imposed identity and suffers for his entire life. Either at late age he realizes and struggles to break out or surrenders and lives timid whole life. In turn they pass on same to their next generation as worse.

We might find us suffering also due to some natural calamities, accidents of life, destructive situations or conditions or other outside forces as well. Together they create within us, emotional and mental barriers, low self seteem and secured environment. They cause us our own life. The thing is we were children that time and had no control or wisdom to overcome or stay away from any of these.  We will be paying for in our entire life for the deeds we weren’t responsible for. But that’s what life is all about. We grow by fighting our own batteles. Our own way at our own pace.

For us for now. One must, revisit the childhood experiences and patterns and repair wherever needed. This is tedious, painful, time consuming, and a bit difficult process but More Worth than anything in life. Only revisit is not sufficient enough. Acceptance, acknowledgement, Forgiveness, Repairing and Reconnecting all of these goes simultaneously. This is the highest cleansing process and need to paid for. But more worth than anything in life.

Write it all down in prayer mode and seek for solutions, be tough with self, have some goal in front for motivation. Keep on with the process as long as needed whilst follow the guidance you get for finished results. You may also take expert help. I would suggest help of your beloved more than anything else. Some elderly darling of yours or a wiser friend can also be an angel for you. There are several other ways and practices as well. One must seek to find them from within and follow. Religiously. Rigorously.

The more you will pass through this process and cleanse yourself, you will find yourself more at ease, lively, energetic and zestful. Your heart will grow and love and compassion will enhance. Your self esteem and control over conditions and situations will grow. You will find life worth living and you will start looking for ways to exfoliate your potential.

Life will change. For better. For sure.

The New You Will Await You On The Other End. Like the Light at the end of the Tunnel. Go for it.

In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal