What is your emotional quotient? Is your emotional nature supporting you in moving forward in life or is it suppressing you? Are you living open cheerful and vibrant life or you are living low worthless and deprived life?

Well. The root source of it all is in your emotionality. The kind of sensation and reaction you reflect in any given situation. Your emotions are source of your Inner Energy. E (Energy) in Motion. Your entire energy level – high low, up down, depressed super charged… depends on kind of energy you are allowing to flow within you. I said allowing because our emotions, our reactions and sensations are entirely at our own discretion. We can know and can change the moment we decide to or intend to if so required.

Our mind may act unknowingly fewer times because of our deep seated sub conscious conditions but our emotions are ever known and freely flowing and very easy to be aware of. What energy is it flowing within? Lively Vibrant Encouraging Igniting Friendly or Dull Discouraging Unfriendly? Our emotional reactions are leading us to Where?

Mind Body and Emotions correlate and impact on one impacts on all others plus the mode of our life as a whole. We are well aware of emotions that leads us to our own destruction but most of the time we find it very difficult to overcome or get rid of them.

How to deal with stale anti energetic emotions?

We have source reasons for our emotional explosions. We may be aware of them, we may not be, but there are incidences, experiences, holdings which are root source of our emotional explosions. With full awareness, with focused energy, we must inquire within where are the roots of our emotional reactions. And we will find them born of some kind of need or insufficiency merged into our being. Our stale emotional reactions are outcome of our run away tendency. We need to meet those incidences, experiences or holdings eye to eye and give it a way. Release it or foster it with self-sufficiency and self-capability wisdom and authority. We must release those needs and holdings which are ruining our life, destructing our own growth and getting only negativity out of them.

There are several ways to release your needs and holdings and fostering reassurance within you. Writing a journal, weeping, releasing at a trusted friend, praying, releasing at natural place. All these are very trusted methods and one needs to keep on using them till they can from very root get rid of them.

We can have all potentiality, capabilities, intelligence, might everything that one needs to grow immensely but only if your temperament or emotionality is not nurtured well or taken care of from very root, rest all makes hardly any sense. Because Emotions are your Energy in Motion. And Energy is the very source of all manifestations. So know and decide.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal