Mind is not just brain. Mind is our abilities and capabilities. The ability to create, dream, analyze, format, convert, plan, perceive, visualise … The capability to focus, store, memorize, hold, let go, ย change. Mind is the center to attract and release. Mind is everywhere in the body. Every single cell of body, all the organs and system within the body has individual mind as well as there is one center mind. Which is the whole governing mind.

We have two minds, conscious or active mind or present mind or thinking mind and subconscious mind or dormant mind or storage or instinctive mind.

Mind is the capacitor, mind is the limiter.

Mind can be a master, mind can be surrendered servant. All though a servant, a mind can make his master his dependent and thus mind is a key role master. And being the energy center mind rules form all our bodily movements to every aspect of our whole life.

How is your mind serving for you???

Is it limiting you and blocking vibrant energies or is it open and capable to break all boundaries and let you flow freely???

Are you receptive and open enough or you resist and hinder???

Are you aware of your mind’s capacity and it’s highest potent capabilities and abilities??? Where are you standing??

And yet we are to disclose the main function of mind…

Which is to acquire information or message which is formless in nature and to convert it into expression through language, sound, idea, different mechanisms available to Human Being. Mind’s this function or capability has put HUMAN to the highest and most potent living form in the entire cosmos.

Nature/God/Supreme intelligence speaks and conveys its secrets, its plans, it’s information and messages through MIND. Few of animal species and Humans only can perceive it. And amongst them Only Humans can decode them, analyze them and converts them into creative expressions. Only through Mind can everything be Actualized or Manifested. It is the highest power given to any Living Form.

Although Sun shines brighter and do immense work, flowers blossoms to fullest, trees and forest are symbol of life themselves… despite of that they can lead potent only to their own extent, only Human can surpass them all even collectively, Human has more powers and abilities and capabilities and serenity to CREATE and MANIFEST it all. Only Human has because Humans have MIND POWER.

Humans also have psychic powers which are beyond mind powers yet they too are fueled by mind power.

To summerise, so far now, in these entire evolution process only Humans can be instrument of Nature in constructing and destructing and reconstructing it all. Thanks to the mind power that has been given to us. Although being instrument is a choice. Only for the seekers. Seekers of potent and unbound living. Seeker of knowing it all. Seeker of manifesting it all. For the self for the entire cosmos.

Find the limiters of mind that is fear, ego, illusions, selfishness, rigidity, small beliefs…find them all within and diminish them forever. Be brave. Fortune favours braves. Nature supports braves. Trust. And Break free. In no time you will find yourself altogether at some higher level. Somewhere hanging and journeying in the cosmos itself.

What say?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal