My physicality is a sum total of my body and each of my bodily functions, my psychology, my emotionality and my spirit. My outer appearance is a reflection of my entire IN.

Have we ever wonder, why we look like the way we look like? Why our organs are shaped in certain way? The colour which my skin, my eyes wear, why they are made up by that colour only? Have we ever tried to read our personality from our physicality??? With little practice and knowing one can gauge one’s whole self just by reading one’s physicality. You might have heard few evolved people who just by glance could predict one’s illnesses, thought process, emotionality and even the kind of life one must be living. Just by the glance of one’s physicality.

This is true. One can. Our physicality is the mirror of our entire life and all of the facets.

The way we walk, the way our lips shape when we talk, the way our eye speaks for us, the way we make movements, with our one appearance can speak all about us. Isn’t this interesting? and worth trying to know as well. Standing in front of mirror, just being an observer, can we begin with our own self? Difficult, interesting as well?

Yes and worth as well. Because the needed change can be as much OUT to IN as much as IN to OUT. By changing our posture, our movements, (well certainly not our eye colour or nose shape) but surely by changing our appearance we can change our whole self. We all have experienced, dressing up well, scenting the body, walking confidently, change our mood within as well. Our thoughts changes, our emotions changes, our spirit can be lifted. It’s vice versa. Rather changes on physicality is a little more easier way to elevate our entire life. We can also heal ourselves to a good extent, just by focusing on our physicality, knowing it well and reshaping it.

Apparently, we are more cautious and conscious about our physical appearance. We must take advantage of that and use it fruitfully so that we can elevate our entire life, we can elevate our whole self using it as a medium.

It doesn’t get over here. Just with our own life. Our physicality impacts on our social relationships, our environment, even our situations and other conditions. Our physicality is a link between our inner self our Essence or Being AND our outer world, our Existence. Our physicality is the medium for our impact on our life and our extended life. Gradually we become more aware of our needs and aspirations. Our Soul’s cry and demands. This one medium like any other medium can lead us to our highest search and potentiality. And we can also extend our experiences and lessons in people around us as well. We can bring change from hereon. We can enrich us all with just one ladder.

Well we are already enriching ourselves, aren’t we?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal