Human body mechanism is Nature’s physical mechanism.

Who is so thoughtful? Who is so precise? Who is so perfect? Who is this creator with the highest precision and the best thoughtful skills?

We just use our body to work for us, to make things practically possible for us. To enable us to achieve things. Have we ever wondered what exactly our body is? How it works? How it operates? It resembles to what?…  What is it truly meant for???

How is blood flowing smoothly? How is food getting digested? How does it survive despite whatever we do with it? Whatever we nourish with it? What is it composed of? How has it evolved from? What is it’s highest potential?

How much and in which manner are we making use of the best instrument given to us?

Why our body is called as Temple? A sacred form…

Let’s talk of our present reality. Are we aware that our body has it’s own language to convey it’s needs and aspirations? Our desire for rest, desire for sleep, desire for food with certain taste and certain ingredients, these are all our physical needs conveyed in form of desires. Our duty is Not to blindly Follow it, but to go to the roots of while these desires have arise, what it indicates, what scarcity or over feeding we have provided, what kind of under or over nourishment our body is getting? Reaching to those causes, we must modify and Regain.

Absolute Health is what we are meant for. Absolute Health is Effortless activation of body as per the needs of the situation, Absolute Health is Spontaneity. Absolute Health is indication of proper nourishment of our body, mind, emotions and our spirit all together.

Nature has already bestowed us with unimaginably powerful mechanism working tirelessly for us, even while we are sleeping or when we are at rest or ease. Nature has provided us miniature form of Nature’s own powerful mechanism which we see working smoothly and effortlessly, even when no other beings supports or interferes.

Nature’s body mechanism works through it’s elements power. The balance in natural elements make it’s mechanism work effortlessly, so does in our own body mechanism. And any imbalance caused by us or outside factor, results into disease conditions. With healing support and our own efforts and willingness, we can restore it all. We can and must regain what is called ‘Absolute Health’. This is our first and prime most necessity in leading towards potent and whole living.

If we can enter into our body within, in wonder, to know its secrets. We can reach to the highest secrets, nature hold with itself. It is all open for us and yet it is a secret as Nature wants us to journey to reach till them.

Human being’s highest achievement is to become capable enough, become deserving enough to decode Nature’s secrets, messages, information and convert it into Human’s creative expression through his work and living.

This is what Spirituality is all about. To reach to the level of decoding it all. This is what Science is all about. To give it a logical expression. It is all about Being Human. To give it a form with which one can live.

Little attention to our body, our physical mechanism, our physical condition and how has it originated? the source and causes of it all. Matter form of energy and information. And Manifestation to it’s highest is all about ‘Whole Life Science’.

My effort is to reach there and find ways/processes/form for others to reach there.

May it work for all of us.



In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal