Inhale Exhale. Take Oxygen in, throw Carbon Dioxide out. Take energy in, blow energy out. What do we do when we breath? We pump life we fuel energy we inject vital force, every time we breath in and breath out. We are we till we breath. The moment we are short of breath for more than sufficient we are gone.

Breath is Life.

Breath is our stress buster. Breath is our toxin eliminator. Breath is booster to well being. Breath is our constant fueling for life. This is what science says. On top of this Spirituality says, breath is the door to our inner opening. Conscious breathing introduce us to our inner faculties. It helps us in bringing them on surface and even the process of removal where necessary. Calm and composed breathing, deep conscious breathing can reveal all the secrets of our self and the entire cosmos for the seekers. Breath is also symbol for change. Inhaling fresh or new every time and exhaling stale or old the same time. Motion, Change, Acceptance, Discard all at one time. A powerful lesson of life. This is what breath is all about.

Through breathing we just do not inhale or exhale air, we actually inhale life and also we exhale life.

Air is power for movement, freshness and intelligence, so does breath. What air does for Nature, breath does for us. Air is a messenger. Thus it has also to do with our mind. Air goes very well and powers every other element. It engulfs fire, it flows water, it nourishes earth, it let’s the space. The only element that can let other element Be It. The only element that nurtures the power of the other element. It does the same to our body and mind through our breath. It also balances and conjuncts. Have we ever thought of breath as such a powerful euphoria? We perish without breath and we can reach the universe through our breath.

A close connection and friendship with our breath is a doorway to eternity and infinity. As conscious connection with breath straight away connects us with our mind. Controlled and conscious breathing clears tons of toxins of our body, thinking and instinctive mind, our emotional busters. It fuels with vitality and rejuvenation and enthusiasm. Hence uplifts all our facets. Our true life begins with right inhalation and exhalation. This is the reason, why breath is so important for us as Science of Life and as Spirituality of Life.

Breath in itself is a doorway to Whole Life. So sings all sacred sagas, all sacred sages and scriptures and all sacred rituals.

How much connected and conscious are we with our breath???


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal