Few hundred million cells in single Human body. They all have their own individual intelligence. Their own growing power, the communication system, respiratory and excretion system. They are so tiny that only can be seen under powerful microscope and yet they are so immensely powerful that they perform every single function any body system or entire body altogether can perform.

They co-exist. They are social. Growth of one supports all other around. Decay to one affects all of them around. Who guides and manages all of these. They just do not have singular intelligence, they also have collective intelligence. Science is yet to explore the exact wisdom and power every single cell can have. Our ancestors knew them and used them well. We have lost it and are on our way to re-know them and make optimum use of them.

Every single cell stores genetic codes and have their own system of mutation. All these genes have multiple openings and every single cell has enough intelligence to choose and power that opening. How do we know them? Even if science will reach to it’s secret, will it be viable for common man to apply it in their day to day life? Will they be able to choose the genetic opening and invoke intelligence and power of every single cell? A little nearer, can a common man nurture the cells? Can they stop or overcome decay of cells while participating in their own Healing?

Yes. Cells have two way communication system, they send signals as well as they receive signals. They can be talked to. They can be meditated upon. Whatever we can do with our mind, we can do with every single cell. Although it is difficult for us common man to exactly know with whom to communicate, we can still grossly select them and send them the message we wish to send. We can also listen to their reciprocation.

It doesn’t only apply to healing, it applies to evoking our potentiality as well. It applies to physical stir up as well. Have you ever have experienced yourself walking for little longer and your legs no more supporting you. Damn tired, even one more step is difficult and unknowingly you talk with your leg, ‘Sweetheart, just few more steps, a bit of more distance and we reach to our destination.’ We dialogue in our own mind and that one single step which was almost impossible to come, manages to reach to the destination. What has happened here? Your deadly tired cells of legs have listened to your loving command, somehow managed to gather more energy, boosted themselves up, shared it all around and have fulfilled your wish. For once, you get what you have wished for.

A magnificent manifestation. Isn’t it? few hundred trillion cells in one Human Body has the much power, difficult for any one of us even to measure it to nearest. We just need to trust it and give it our best shot. And for sure they will, in return, give us their best shot. Let scientist by that time know what protons are, what neutrons are, what nucleus is and what is cellular membrane. Even not knowing much of them we can make optimum use of them in invoking our effortlessness and our highest potentiality. What say?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal