In the series if ‘Whole Life Science’, we are at the completion of the second part of the theory i.e. ‘Consciousness of all’, the first part of theory was about ‘Human and consciousness of self’. We journeyed through consciousness of all living forms, all present now and in past. From IN to OUT and WITHIN. As the journey takes place. And yet the theory would be incomplete and not fully justified will we touch the non-living things. They also Do have their consciousness and they affect our life to the very great deal.

I would be defining them as tangible non-living forms and intangible non-living forms.

Today we see for Tangible Non-living Forms. Our property, our physical possessions, money to be very specific, physical and material things that exist in our world. They all comprise and come under tangible non-living forms as per my definition.

All material and tangible things we are attached to as ‘MINE’ or ‘NOT MINE’ affect us that way. They boost or depress us. They can give us confidence or make us feel low. We can perceive them through our five senses. How much aware are we for the way they affect our life? Possessing them or desiring to possess can can stimulate our life to a very great extent. In fact they Do. All our life revolves around perishable tangible non-living forms and that to at the very heavy cost of non perishable, living form and existence. No doubt, satisfying the needs of enjoying these consciousness, we can lead towards formlessness. Which is our supreme form. Either we enjoy them, or we leave them by choice, fully dwelling with any of these two can let us lead to the formlessness, our supreme form.

For us to lead to our effortlessness, wholeness, highest potentiality, we must learn and establish conscious connection with them. Even they give us information and messages which are useful for our growth. We experience good or bad about things. They tell us whether they are going to be useful for us or not or even miserable. They communicate to us through the language of experience to us. When we can listen and follow them, they can lead us to our growth. The books, the money, the house, the property, the devices, the instruments… they all guide us. It is upto us how aware we are, how connected we can be and how much do we follow… They do their job even otherwise. Few people believe, there is no thing as non-living thing as all non-living things are eventually made up of living things (live or dead) and so for they have the same consciousness of their primary live things and this is the reason they to have their consciousness and that is how they affect us the same.

All matter is eventually energy and energy is consciousness. So it doesn’t matter whether matter is living thing or non-living thing.

Let’s try and connect with them, let’s try and know them. What they say about themselves, what they say about us. Have you ever experienced visiting a historical monument and getting fully engrossed with it. Have you experienced the history that has been lived there several hundred and thousands of years before. The structure narrating the tale even today when you were there. Have you ever experienced you were the part of that history or that you can see it happening right before your eyes even today at that very moment. Have you found yourself getting any message out of it??? This is it. The consciousness of tangible non-living things. It is same with every single material. It is for us, to what capacity we can evoke our consciousness to perceive theirs.

What is it telling you about yourself and about things that can happen? What is it indicating and where is it leading you to? To what extent can you use it? How much is it truly affecting your life?


In love with Life.

Your CO-Creator

Minal Dalal