Consciousness, Imagination, Intention, Motivation, Purpose, Desire, Aspiration, Passion, Goal, Spark, Faith, Prayer, Love, Compassion, Joy…

Are they just words? Do we just know them or experience them? What are they? How do they affect our lives? They are non-living intangible forms of energy and they have a Huge impact on our lives. So huge that it can completely change the stream of our life.

The lives can be immensely impacted and changed by the non-living intangible forms??? Wow. Sometimes we also call them as Miracles. A Midas Touch. An Alchemy of Transformation or manifestation.

I just mentioned few constructive ones but there exist few destructive ones as well. Even they shift the stream of our lives. In a reverse road. But they do.

They are hugely powerful.More than anything else in life.

How well are we using them? How well are we recognizing them in the first place? The constructive ones help us overcome our emotional chaos. They help us in establishing and giving meaning to our life. They can shift us to altogether a new height from where our true and unbound potential is fully flourished.

They have the Power of Manifestation for what we Focus on.

What our life today is the outcome of what we have focused on. Our life tomorrow will again be an outcome of what we are focusing on Now. The choice is ours.

I am so deeply in love with these intangible energy forms that my all efforts are driving towards knowing how can they do so? And finding means/forms/processes to make it work for all of us. I truly wonder what can be it’s scientific or logical form? How can they so greatly change the lives? An unshakable faith has created what otherwise was simply impossible. I want to know it all. I want to make it work for all. The constructive ones. The conscious choice.

They are all our Mind and Emotional powers. We are all given them limitless and this is how we to are limitless, infinite, eternal and Universal Beings in true sense. An Alchemy of an ART OF FOCUSING and TRUSTING. Although in our recent times we need to know and have it’s logical form as well, for trusting and making it work for us.

For now, closing with the note, how much aware are we of them? How well are we using constructively for us?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal