I intend to conclude second part (Consciousness of All) of my theory of ‘Whole Life Science’ by highlighting on what happens when our consciousness heightens. How our journey take shape from here. How we lead towards our essential and potential self, when we choose to continue.

As we are aware we Humans are very much victims of their beliefs, memories and prejudices. Awakening consciousness engulfs to question what we have already been holding and what we are very comfortable with. So we are in the situation of questioning our own self. If we stick to what we have believed then what to do with new perception or spark of awareness and if we accept new spark then we are pushed to change. Challenge and Change our beliefs and prejudices and accept new which is breaking the shell of our comfort zone. Because we are afraid of what will happen with new awareness, how will our life be shaped then. Lack of trust, lack of security surfaces and we are in a tug of war. Whether to go back to same old or to trust the new and explore our inner and outer unknown zones.

Our awakened consciousness invokes our intuitiveness and we are been guided. We are guided to do the things we have never done before, to bring changes we have never even thought of in distant dreams. Going with this new flow asks for tremendous courage and trust and serenity. We born once again. Our life changes. In all of these our routine life gets disturbed. We are in mid way, not here nor there. It becomes difficult for us to Accept our new Self, new Insights, new Venture. And till we fully understand, accept and acknowledge, people around us also get disturbed. Our relationships, our career, the whole environment gets disturbed. And it is a change so many things change. Some of the relationships leave us, our work and environment shakes and even shatters.

We are constantly pulled back towards returning to our old comfortable self and life. As I said it becomes a tug of war. Those who choose to trust and explore the new avenues, lead towards infinite. They get the chance to unbound and flourish their potential. And those who return to the old version, even they take a ride because that spark has already be kindled once, it can be tamed for a while not for long. At every given chance that spark will show up again and those disturbances would catch up again.

We have to choose.

Why do we need to invoke our consciousness? Here is the basic question. Some scarcity within, emptiness within, some lacking within keeps giving pain to us. Constantly. We hear a voice saying you are More. You deserve More. The things need to be more positive and supportive to you. That need of fulfilling pushes us to invoke our consciousness. To know More, to be More. And somewhere within we know that We are that More already. We are that deserving already. We have known that we are infinite beings. But we do not experience that infinity that bliss that fulfilment. And that cry within for experiencing, for living sets us to clash with new awakened consciousness.

We have to trust that it is our own desire, our own need which we have offered as a Prayer is being getting answered. It is our own quest that is getting fulfilled. Once we are settle with this knowing and insight, we settle with the change. The struggle settles down as well and a smooth effortless flow of new horizons opens before us. The experiences we then receive are so beautiful that total environment around us become beautiful. Pulsating with new rhythm, pulsating with new tale and a dawn of new growth, new life open us. Like a lotus with new sunshine. Struggle only remains till we resist. The moment we accept and merge it all becomes expansive like a starry night from a mountain top.

We can experience everything, ever present, here in this one life itself.  Just by doing what we doing sitting at our own place. We can live the life of it all. We can experience all bliss and eternities and infinities and all possibilities just by taking that one choice.

To awaken our consciousness and to go with it.

May it happen for all of us.

|| Shubham Bhavatu ||    || Shivam Bhavatu ||

In Love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal