With happiness and pride and in my total amazement, I am presenting before you, my theory of ‘Whole Life Science’ once again. This second version comprises of my first two missions. Mission 1: EMERGENCE OF HUMAN and Mission 2: CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALL. Three more missions to go. HUMAN POTENTIALITY, SACRED FORM and FORMLESSNESS. When done my theory will become WHOLE.

My theory has taken shape on the platform of WordPress and you all have read them, experienced them, encouraged them every single day as one blog and one topic per day. With this pdf I am presenting it to you, the theory so far as a whole. When I had written all topics on first part that is EMERGENCE OF HUMAN, I had published it before you. Today as well I am doing the same covering Both first parts.

My intention in doing so is to have all of yours feedback and what do you experience while reading it as a whole. Though it is tedious job and time consuming as well. I trust you will and share your thoughts and experience of reading it as well.

The love, adoration, encouragement, motivation, genuine opinions I have received from all of you is far beyond I could have ever imagined for my work. I am almost 100 days and 100 posts old here in WordPress community and my friends from 77 countries are reading them. I have an average daily 100 views on my posts as of today. And we are all strangers on superficial layer. I hardly know from which part of the world are you, what is your age and gender, what is your occupation. None of have even bothered about the same for me. This is the BEST PART of this JOURNEY I am sharing with you all.

Once again, to remind myself, I intend to bring form/processes that can invoke all of ours potentiality and lead us to our effortlessness and wholeness.

Without all of you it would never ever have been possible for me. I dedicate my theory to you all who have silently helped me in shaping this and bringing it till here. And tomorrow as well.  I accept, acknowledge and admire you. I am speechlessly thankful to all of you. Please do share your views, suggestions, opinions, corrections with me, with which it will be possible for us Together to lead to our highest potentiality.

Will eagerly await.


In Love with Life

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal