POORNAM – Venturing Wholeness

The way to Whole Being



The highest attainment of Human life is in making all possible efforts in invoking the Supreme form within all of us. Amongst all living forms in this cosmos, only Humans have the capabilities to experience and attain their supreme form, the very essence of being. Rest of all living forms can make optimum use of their sensory powers and/or mind power. Only Humans have the powers to go beyond sensory and mind power and perceive and experience the supreme, which cannot be and never be perceived or experienced with sensory or mind power. And when a Human fails to make efforts to attain them, or they just live life of a blindfold, he is no different than rest of the living forms. He fails to live life worth a Human.

Humans by living life given to them, by fulfilling their desires, aspirations and dreams can mould their life by chartering the path that lead towards their highest potentiality, their effortlessness and wholeness. When a human while fulfilling his desires and dreams can turn inwards, cultivate his insights and lead a life based on those insights, he can lead towards his supreme form.

This supreme form can be attained by

Enlightening the Insights

Cultivating Essential Being and

Creating Pure living and unfolding the latent Potentiality

Means when one can discriminate a thin line between Insight and Illusion, when one can overcome and eliminate his inadequacies and fallacies and enhance his essential qualities, and eventually convert his Insights and Essence into his practical living thereby creating a Pure form of living. While in journey of creating a Pure form of living, Humans attain Effortlessness and Wholeness. Henceforth the highest attainment of Humans is leading towards Effortlessness and Wholeness by unfolding latent potentiality and creating a Pure living.

We all living beings are connected in a form of web and we are all one in the sense of the supremacy we carry within us. Unfolding of one Pure life can enlighten all others to certain extent, thereby creating the possibility of One Whole Potent Pure environment and Infinite Life. This is possible. The basic need is to awaken the self, perceive and experience it all and cultivate the living based on the knowing.

This cultivation is possible in three ways.

Using outer resemblances/elements and environment

Invoking Sensory and mind power and beyond sensory and mind powers

Chemistry of outer powers with inner powers

When a Human understands the wholeness and true worth of Human Life, he thrusts to experience and live it by himself, he pulsates this attainment desire in his every single cell, every single breath at every single moment. Now this quest becomes a Sadhana, an Effortless pursuit. All worldly and purposeful achievements become effortless.  Energy, Abundance starts flowing, This is the indication that a Human is in leading towards his supreme form.

When a Human meets his self within, his essence, his being, he resonates with a purpose of this life. This purpose is his path and his tool towards his supreme self. Fulfilling this purpose he unfolds his potentiality, he gains more and more insights, and create a life based of pure form. He then fulfils his purpose and wisely drives all desires and wishes as well. This is the highest attainment of Human in this Human Life. This is the path to invoke his supreme self. A beautiful Alchemy is created when pure intentions of essential living unites with the unfolding of potential through purposeful living, which results into Effortlessness and Wholeness, the very essence of Supreme Being.

The form of this Effortlessness and Wholeness is

Absolute Health


Absolute Knowledge

Infinity and Eternity

Effortlessness and Wholeness



POORNAM – Venturing Wholeness is the medium to perceive and experience the highest Human Potential while living this very practical life itself. This medium is in form of processes based on insightful chemistry between outer and inner resemblances.

That is

Sensory and mind power and beyond sensory and mind power

Natural Elements and Metaphors

Creative Expressions

Sacred Form

At POORNAM we have experienced and known that although life is struggle, these very processes are




Creative and yet

Authentically Powerful.

Together, let’s explore the journey called Human Life and attain Effortless and Wholeness thereby leading towards our Supreme Form.



Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal


POORNAM – Venturing Wholeness