We popularly know this as Holistic Health. Absolute Health. It is a state. A potential any Human can achieve and experience in this very life. Although this state belongs to Supreme Beings as their constant flow. For we humans, we can taste and experience it for few moments or certain period of time. And when we taste them, when we experience them, for that while, we experience our highest potentiality, our Wholeness and Effortlessness.

So what is Absolute Health. Absolute Health is nothing but Spontaneity, an equilibrium. The rhythmic alignment of our body, mind, emotions and spirit. A free flow of energy. In simple words, it is a state, when we are capable of performing whatever that may come to us. No physical barrier, no mental barrier, no emotional barrier, no spirit hindering. A swift flow of energy that enables us to Simply Perform whatever has come to us.

We have heard many a times about a person doing things which otherwise is impossible for any other person. It can be momentary, reacting to a situation, or persistent. But rather looking like accomplishing an impossible task. A woman stopping a huge truck to save her child, who could be in danger for life under the truck. Or a rather risky acts or jump from building to save one’s own life. Lot’s and lot’s of examples for various reasons we hear about or witness by ourselves in our day to day life.

We have read or heard sage’s tales and ancient stories where we have wondered knowing heroic acts. Or some accomplishments which is beyond our perceptions to otherwise accept.

Well these are all extra ordinary performances. Absolute Health is also a state where in our day to day life, we experience that zest, that energy, which enables us to do anything that comes to us. No physical barrier, no mental limitations, no emotional chaos, no spiritual boundaries. A spontaneous state of performance, which is born out of rhythmic equilibrium of body, mind, emotions and spirit. A smooth flow of energy that enables us to do whatever.

A Healthy Body, Open Mind, Sound Emotions and Unbound Spirit is what Absolute Health is all about.

Though it is tough for us to attain it and then to retain it for longer. One can, after persistent efforts and process on all four realms. But in general it is difficult. Still one must work upon attaining and experiencing it fully even for a while to experience the divine state our own Supreme Self possesses. To know, where we should be leading ourselves to.  To be aware of our every single act, thought, emotions and energy flow to be in attaining that Absolute Health. Which is one of our highest Potentiality.

Being in our day to day and practical life, we can work upon in attaining it. Being fully conscious or aware of what is happening with us. With our body and its organs, our thoughts and mental state, our emotional fluxes and our emotional flow. And acting upon eliminating all the barriers we find within us. All of this while, having a strong intentions of attaining and experiencing that State of Absolute Health, in this very Life. For as long as possible.

And when we experience this, we experience the Immortal State of our Being, Which was which is and which will be existing forever. The very nature of Immortality and Healthier state of our own Supreme Being. We Touch and Taste that Immortality of our very Essence, here in this life by itself.

Next, when we care for our Health, or we work upon our healing, which may be healing of any one or combined realms, we must take care of them holistically, having highest intentions of attaining and retaining and experiencing the state of Absolute Health.

“I Intend to Heal myself by Healing all my Realms at once, and free flow of Energy within, to Experience the state of ‘Absolute Health’, which is one of my highest potential as Human, in this life.”

Remaining aware at all times, then listen to the guidance that comes from within and act upon it having full trust and surrendering. And one day what you would experience will be nothing less then a Nectar or Amrit. The state of Immortal Bliss. Astu.

In Love with Life

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal