How do one define Eternal Bliss or even simply Bliss? Do we recollect our childhood when nothing around would disturb us. Every moment we would pass was a sheer joyful expression of living. Fully secured, in trust, totally positive, receiving all that we ever wanted, bestowed.

Or do we recollect our being at very rich Nature. With no efforts we are diluted with the Nature around. Our all baggage are grounded. The sheer experience of immense fulfilment, joy and bestowing. As if nothing else has any value or does it matter. You are in trust. You are in total health and knowing. As if every single particle of Nature is showering abundant energy and love over you.

Much beyond such experiences are Eternal Bliss.

It cannot be defined or narrated. It can only be perceived and experienced. And that to constantly. From all around. You experience yourself as one of those energies. Your physicality, mentality, emotionality nothing matters. Only your Pure Spirit present in this cosmos.

We Humans can actually touch and taste this flavor of Bliss in this life itself, which is nectar of our Supreme Being. Here in this life. Momentarily or for long. When we are creatively engaged, like while dancing or any other form, we may experience this state if we are free flowing.

Eternal Bliss is a state of Free Flow. Nothing to stop you, no hurdles to bind you or block you, simply flowing with whatever is coming the way. Everything around becomes your support, everything around smoothing your flow. Everything fills you with Energy and you go Effortless. You just proceed, flow like a River. Flowing, Rich, Energetic,  Rhythmic, Singing, Smooth, and that’s it.

Overcoming all our fallacies, even we Humans have the potential to experience this state in this very life. Awareness, Spark, Unrelenting Energy to attain, Openness to Change. Simple things easily applicable and adaptable to our very practical life we can.

It’s Simple, Gentle, Creative and Natural and yet Immensely Powerful. The process called as Life.


In love with Life.

Your CO-Creator

Minal Dalal