From a mountain peak or a rooftop or a seashore or some other place where nothing obstructs your vision. From that place have you ever experienced yourself dissolving and becoming one with the infinite vision around? Have you experienced you are all of them. The sky, the clouds, the sun or moon, the stars, the wind, the sound, the birds, the earth, the ocean, the mountains and valleys. Your existence dissolves into all of them. At once. You become all of them. At once.

In my young age, sometimes while travelling, from my window seat, it so used to happen that for few minutes or few more, I would feel as if I am just one of that road passing by. With the people on the other side, their houses or fields, the birds and creatures around. For those moments, I used to feel I am connected with them, I have known them, I am one of them. They are me. I am they.

I always like to stand on the highway corner, experiencing vehicles passing by, the speed, the life stung with them, the dryness of brown or grey road, the fields on the other side, the high rising sky showing presence of sun or moon, floating with clouds, singing birds, and honking and loud bursting music. The life. In those moment, I do not remain me, I become them. On a mountain peak it seems to me that I am spreading. My arms and my heart are becoming wider, my sphere is expanding and in all of these where am I? I am nowhere and I am everywhere.

As Humans, we have the potential of experiencing the Supreme. The one which resides in all of us. We just have to trust it. Know it. Acknowledge it. Do everything to experience it and then convert it into our day to day life.

What I have used to gain from infinite experience is that I feel my heart has broadened. Literally I find that it has physically expanded. It is now capable of holding more. Knowing more. I feel that the dot on my ‘i’ is becoming smaller and smaller and yet something within me is becoming bigger and bigger. I have always noticed that my life changes after all such experiences. I become more humble, compassionate, eager to know and be them more often and more longer. I feel my sphere of life and my work broadens. Yes it does. The energy around me becomes more friendly and it becomes little more effortless.

This is what Infinity does to me. And I feel that being Humans, we should never ever miss the chance of experiencing the highest potential within us, that is of our own Supreme self. And the day will come when no experience will ever be needed. We will be That. But till then to enjoy our Supreme Beingness we must invite such experiences.

And mind you, it has everything to do with our practical life as well. We all strive to have our louder say, our enhanced presence. We all seek to do remarkable things during this life and enjoy the abundant results coming out of them. And the reason why we can not live them is that we within ourselves play small. We desire to be more but we attempt to remain small. The experiences like being infinite, demolishes our fear of being more from within. It fills our whole self with courage and energy and serenity. With every such experience we truly become More and it automatically reflects in the life we are living. And once we have tasted this nectar, we can never be the same again. It’s only forward moving like a magnet attracting the iron. The Midas Touch. The Alchemy of Transformation. Small acts with profound results. Beyond experience beyond imagination.

The One, The Infinite.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal