Every living forms in this cosmos are eternal by very nature. Being present ever in it’s pure soul form. Being present ever and everywhere in it’s pure energy form. What makes Human potential special and supreme amongst all is that Humans can reach and experience that Eternity, that presence of being always, that presence of being everywhere, here in this life itself. Not through just experiencing or meditating but in the sense of making an impact. In the sense of Truly enhancing self to Eternity. Always present, everywhere present.

Why would one want to enhance self. If we look from the perspective of our practical, day to day life. Why would we bother to even know about it. It may be the work for few, is it for us all as well? If so, why?

Because when we sit quietly in our solitude, when our soul is aching, our heart is pouring tears, when we are looking for solace, in those moment, if we hear closely to the murmur of our soul. It tells us. I want to grow. I want to expand. I am not suppose to live this small. I am Eternal and Infinite and Whole by my very Nature. It tells you, in other words, you can do much better if you turn towards your source. All this aches and desires and aspirations and needs are your signposts. They are not pains or wounds, they are messengers who tells your potential is much higher than you have ever known. Even in your practical life you deserve much more. Just be aware of your own Nature, accept and acknowledge it and choose to invoke it. Choose to be it.

And the more open we become, the more we trust and follow the inner guidance, our whole being starts enhancing. We realise that we are present, we are a part of every living being here in this universe. The aches and pains and fallacies which they all have, we have today or somewhere in past we have lived by ourselves. The strength which each of them are carrying, we have been today or some other day in past we have carried. Their sorrow, their fallacies, their chaos are no different than that of ours.

And.. We are potent, we are capable to make difference to all of them, for betterment, for growth, of us all together. We become more sensitive, more loving and compassionate. And our every little contribution converts into the energy which can Touch all lives ever present here in this entire cosmos. We go Infinite. We become Eternal. We are infinite and eternal in this very life. We must open our doors to it. We must flow with it. We must radiate with our warm and caring energy. And our life becomes legendary, eternal, forever. Living within us and living in each of us.

Just waiting for that door to be opened by us.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal