Does a mother need to be taught how to take care of her baby? Does a baby need to learn how to suck milk from mother’s breast? It comes natural from within. And what happens if you try to take care of your baby from some book? Perhaps from her own mother or aunt but from a book??

Who taught our ancient sages the power to reach the secrets of universe? Who taught accurate building of Pyramids? Can we so today? Not a bit possible. Because we have forgotten to Trust that all the knowledge we need in our life is within us. All the knowledge all cosmos for any time span or any damn place is lying within us. Like an unopened book. It’s there. Absolute Knowledge. Truth. And it can only be coming from our own within. Our own experience.

Absolute Knowledge only resides within. There is no other source. And the only way to reach or invoke is to trust it and simply follow it. The more you will, the more access will you have. One may use outside sources but with the full awareness of what feelings does it give to you. Every other source used gives reflection to our consciousness whether is it true for us or not. We have forgotten to hear it. We have forgotten to trust it as well.

This absolute knowledge may open before us gradually or at lightening speed depending upon our state, the intensity of our quest, purity of our intentions and our integrity with the need of an hour. Of course our Trust and our readiness to go with it, to live with it. But for sure we all can invoke it. We all have the power to experience it even to the extent we have received it. And what happens when we simply follow it? It is like a pure miracle. The effortless manifestation of it all. The impossible taking a whole shape. Blooming with all its fragrance, touch, sweetness, music and beauty.

We are all born with natural talents and natural knowing. And we Humans specifically, being the highest of all living forms, have the capability of making it all possible through our mind and our aspirations. Only we have the power to know it all and manifest anything we have wished for. With the Absolute Knowledge we have within us.

Absolute Knowledge is Authenticity. Absolute Knowledge is Power. Absolute Knowledge is Serenity.

May we all invoke it to lead towards our highest potential living. For our growth and for the growth of all. Astu.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal